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  1. icemannyr Says:

    Does FNC even want to actually report the news?
    Checked the 9am hour it was mostly Obamacare bashing and anti liberal stories.

    AJA might have no ratings and CNN may be a mess right now but at least you get news on their newscasts and reporters in the field reporting.

  2. “Does FNC even want to actually report the news?”

    ^^Sure. It’s just that they just want to put a rightwing spin on the stories.

    “AJA might have no ratings and CNN may be a mess right now but at least you get news on their newscasts and reporters in the field reporting.”

    ^^CNN is getting out of the news broadcasting business and getting rid of it’s newscasts, reporters and news bureaus. AJAM has a mandate to broadcast news, is awash with cash and is not motivated solely by ratings; so it is positioned perfectly to take over the mantle of CNN as the nations only unbiased news broadcaster.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    Bill Bratton, who served as NYPD commissioner under Rudy Giuliani, has been chosen for the post for a second time to serve under Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    FNC starts the 11am hour with Obama bashing as the top story.

  5. icemannyr Says:

    ESPN Cancels Will Ferrell’s ‘SportsCenter’ Appearance as Ron Burgundy.
    The actor’s “Anchorman 2” hosting stint was shelved in light of a news conference regarding sexual assault allegations against quarterback Jameis Winston set for Thursday.

  6. You whine a lot about “Obamacare bashing”. Obamacare has been a disaster. Putting a positive spin on it is the job of propagandists…which you can find plenty of elsewhere.

  7. Can we cancel Ron Burgundy? The movie’s not even out yet and I already hate it. The first one is hugely overrated.

  8. Pretty much what I said yesterday:

    MSNBC will not hire a white guy to replace Bashir cuz, racist.

  9. You’re hugely overrated. So, there.

  10. Via the NYT:

    Someday, Detroit’s bankruptcy may well be seen as the start of an era of broken promises.

    For years, cities have promised rock-solid pensions without setting aside enough money to pay for them, aided by lax accounting practices, easy borrowing and sometimes the explicit encouragement of labor unions.

    “Last night, as a public employees’ union leader, you went to bed thinking, ‘My workers’ pensions have special protection; I can continue to play hardball,’ ” Karol K. Denniston, a lawyer with the firm Schiff Hardin who has been advising residents of California cities on fiscal issues, said Tuesday after the judge issued his ruling. “This morning you woke up and found yourself in a new world.”

    Via Larry:
    The diabetes that is liberalism eventually destroys vital organs of the body fed sugar.

  11. When a boy, I witnessed the disappearance of migrant workers in our Michigan cherry orchards. Federal requirements for housing them made the purchase of mechanical tree shakers more economical. Their seasonal jobs vaporized within two years.

    Say hello to a robotized order taker at your future burger fast food restaurant:

  12. It’s almost as if Newsbusters has a rooting interest in one network, rather than a goal to point out media bias. Feigned shock.

  13. From the Newsbusters ad..I mean article..about FNC. I would submit that this man lacks self-awareness.

    I would submit that Kelly’s popularity has almost nothing to do with whether or not she is “conservative” or tilts her show in that direction. Instead, I believe it more to do with the fact that her show breaks news or brings visibility to situations which should be news and for whatever reason aren’t. Morgan and Maddow’s shows are typically little more than prime-time soapboxes and discussions with people with whom the hosts agree.

  14. Rings true to me.

  15. “Obamacare has been a disaster.”

    ^^Well that’s one POV. The web site was ad disaster last month but now seems to be working well for most (but not all) people using it. There are ongoing problems with insurance companies dropping some peoples coverage and the communications between the website and the insurance companies but these too are slowly being dealt with.

    Their is no evidence the ACA itself is a disaster for almost all the people who are actually signed up. A few will have to pay higher premiums next year. Most will pay less; many much less.

    Under the present system most would be ACA users would have no insurance or their premiums would rise next year anyway. None, that I know of, will have their premiums reduced by the health insurance companies when renewal time rolls around.

  16. Megyn Kelly’s show is popular because she’s a good looking woman who provides conservative commentary. She also has a lot of good luck in that Rachel Maddow’s show is boring because the 8pm show, All In, is a carbon copy of her show.

    If I didn’t get Aljazeera, I’d much rather watch Megyn Kelly. MSNBC needs to make changes to their primetime lineup. Hardball and LOD are the only shows worth watching on MSNBC Primetime.

  17. Say hello to a robotized order taker at your future burger fast food restaurant:

    We already have cameras doing the police’s job, self-checkout, automated manufacturing and now drones doing just about everything. And people wonder why Americans are losing jobs.

  18. Businesses might start to wonder who’ll be left to buy their crap, after awhile.

  19. savefarris Says:

    Under the present system most would be ACA users would have no insurance or their premiums would rise next year anyway.

    Incorrect. If your plan’s premium was rising, it is to afford coverage of all the new ACA mandated benefits. If your plan was cancelled, it was because it didn’t offer said benefits.

    I know you want everyone to ignore the law’s consequences. But you can’t. You own it. ALL of it.

  20. Chris Matthews is interviewing Obama tonight. That’d be like me interviewing Natalie Portman.

    Glad it’s on at 7pm so I can watch before the Jacksonville game.

  21. Does Stephanie Sy get any sleep? She’s been on Aljazeera America News since 6am.

  22. Tell me again why using our treasure to give these people their freedom was a good idea?

  23. Oh, please ignore that it’s ThinkProgress. It’s all good, but especially the second paragraph.

  24. “We already have cameras doing the police’s job, self-checkout, automated manufacturing and now drones doing just about everything. And people wonder why Americans are losing jobs.”

    high wages of manual labor make automation cost effective

    and outsourcing

    and global markets

    At least slavery went by the wayside.

  25. lonestar77, I never said FNC should be doing only positive stories on Obamacare. What I have said and it holds true if you review FNC the segments on FNC newscasts is they do to many Obamacare segments and not much actual reporting on other news per hour.

    That article on Megyn is just as comical as the responses to it from people who believe she is doing a real news show.
    When you do an hour of liberal bashing on a conservative news channel that finishes #1 in the ratings of course her show is going to get good ratings.

  26. A little lie here, a little lie, there. To paraphrase Hilary, at this point what difference does it make? IMO, a lot. What else is Obama not telling us or does the press know and are not telling us? Kind of like the press all knew about John Edwards and they just chose not to mention his mistress because he was liberal and they really bought into his 2 America’s theme.

  27. Holy smokes! The stuff you learn when the sh*t hits the fan OR a city declares bankruptcy!

  28. Obama lives with Uncle Obongo when he needs help, and then disowns him. Classy guy, our President.

  29. icemannyr Says:

    Let’s not go overboard as if Obama is the worst president ever and Bush was the best ever.

    On a totally different topic, love the idiot Florida State students standing behind the press conference about the sex assault investigation of Jameis Winston as if the whole situation is a big joke. Classy.

  30. Laura, that Think Progress piece was really excellent.

    This, for me, is the key point:

    “The knowledge that a journalist must guard her or his reputation may make for more cautious on-air commentary and off-air behavior.”

    But as David Zurawik correctly pointed out, MSNBC doesn’t care much about legitimate journalism anymore; it’s nearly all commentary and opinion. It’s essentially become a liberal/left version of talk radio where cautiousness and reputation aren’t of concern. Slash and burn guide things not reasoned commentary.

    For years, decades now, liberals have wanted their version of talk radio. They now have it: it’s called MSNBC.

  31. I had forgotten why I stopped watching MSNBC. Now I remember.

  32. “Let’s not go overboard as if Obama is the worst president ever and Bush was the best ever.”

    Warren Harding was the worst. Nobody mentioned Bush.

  33. icemannyr Says:

    Erich, how would you describe FNC?
    While FNC does not lean as far right as MSNBC leans left they are slowly getting their in my opinion.

  34. icemannyr Says:

    There. 😛 Grrrrr.

  35. While FNC does not lean as far right as MSNBC leans left they are slowly getting there in my opinion.

    Very true, and CNN is finally looking for a new formula. The old news-dedicated cable channel model no longer works and is probably not coming back. Same for the business channels. Breaking news is slightly different, but even there turning on the telly to watch it on CNN or FNC is now something I do as an afterthought.

    I watched Megyn Kelly’s show a few times over the past two weeks so I could judge for myself and I have to say that, technically, she is doing a news discussion-style programme without offering-up her own opinions. It’s not the kind of balanced and informative outlet I want to watch but apparently there’s people out there who do like it. It can’t just be the leg lighting, either, because plenty watch the old guy who’s on before her.

  36. Aljazeera America is the only news channel on. It doesn’t bother me that they don’t get ratings because they don’t have a ratings obligation like the other three. It kind of verifies what I’ve said for years that Americans are only interested in hearing what they want to hear.

  37. savefarris Says:

    Warren Harding was the worst.

    I beg to differ. The list begins and ends with James Buchanan.

  38. If AJA doesn’t start getting ratings in the future they’ll likely lose their spot on cable/satellite provider offerings.

  39. Difference between Fox and MSNBC is – MSNBC does cover the negative Obamacare stories, often with excuses and telling us it will get better or this and that, but they are covering it. Fox is ignoring positive Obamacare stories.

    Been this way all year. MSNBC did cover Benghazi, MSNBC did cover the Obama “scandals” and quite negatively towards President Obama I might add. Fox, on the other hand, ignores stories that make Republicans look bad.

  40. Nelson Mandela dead. All cable news, CBS and ABC live. NBC News not on the air – at least not in Roanoke, VA.

  41. Okay, NBC News is running a special report. Roanoke, VA affiliate WSLS-TV not carrying it, which is the norm for that network.

  42. Al Jazeera’s coverage is making FNC, CNN and MSNBC look like a cartoon.

  43. Presidnetial Rankings by Liberals and Conservatives

    Rank Liberals (n=190) Conservatives (n=50)
    1 Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln
    2 Franklin D. Roosevelt George Washington
    3 George Washington Franklin D. Roosevelt
    4 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
    5 Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt
    6 Woodrow Wilson Andrew Jackson
    7 Andrew Jackson Harry S Truman
    8 Harry S Truman Woodrow Wilson
    9 Lyndon B. Johnson Dwight D. Eisenhower
    10 John Adams John Adams

    30 Calvin Coolidge Jimmy Carter
    31 Franklin Pierce Richard Nixon
    32 James Buchanan Franklin Pierce
    33 Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson
    34 Ulysses S. Grant James Buchanan
    35 Richard Nixon Ulysses S. Grant
    36 Warren G. Harding Warren G. Harding

  44. icemannyr Says:

    The ABC News Special Report is still on WABC. The other NYC stations were covering Mandela as the first story on their 5pm newscasts and have now gone to other news.

    I’ve noticed on the FNC news scroll instead of having “FOX NEWS” between stories they are now using “FNC”.

  45. BBC WN is simulcasting the BBC News Channel in the UK rather than airing BBC WN America, which appears on PBS.

  46. NBC News says all NBC affiliates will cover President Obama’s address. For some reason, I doubt WSLS will. :-p

  47. icemannyr Says:

    Fans of “The Five” are already responding with nasty comments and hate speech about Mandela and “The Five” not being on today.

  48. NBC News says Nightly News will be a one hour broadcast tonight.

  49. The Spokane Fox affiliate isn’t airing the special Shep mentioned, no surprise there. The CBS one isn’t carrying a special report. I want to see how ABC and NBC are covering this (if they are doing that) but the local stations/cable company in my city are jamming their signals to air the scheduled daytime talk shows on the Spokane stations because the local stations in my city are airing those same talk shows in the same time slot and aren’t dropping them for the breaking news.

  50. icemannyr Says:

    I wonder if this means O’Reilly is not going to pre tape his show tonight and does he still do the Palin interview?

  51. For FNC, Palin > real news.

  52. LOL leave it to Roanoke, VA television affiliates…

  53. icemannyr Says:

    All news and business channels are showing Obama’s comments except for BBC World News and HLN.
    Fusion is showing a special report from ABC News Digital.

  54. NBC News covering President Obama’s statement. To my knowledge, so are ABC and CBS but the Lynchburg ABC affiliate and Roanoke CBS affiliates are not covering President Obama’s address at all.

  55. Thank you.
    If you want to watch the BBC News Channel:

  56. icemannyr Says:

    CBS News did a special report broadcast by WCBS.

  57. icemannyr Says:

    BBC World News is showing Obama’s comments now.

  58. Why would anyone expect Bill O’Reilly’s show to do something different because Nelson Mandela died? I suppose he could be pre-empted if someone thought the coverage warranted that, but breaking news isn’t what O’Reilly does.

  59. icemannyr Says:

    According to the updated CNN schedule they are still going to tape at 9pm.

  60. CNN doesn’t care anymore.

  61. Online schedules rarely get updated for breaking news or anything unplanned for. Don’t rely on them.

  62. It’ll be interesting to see if MSNBC runs Matthews’ taped Obama interview.

    Al, I disagree with you about The Kelly File. Megyn presents the attack-style anti-Obama propaganda pieces, then agrees with that POV during the segments. The show is structured as though those views are hers.

  63. icemannyr Says:

    Every time Megyn is going to interview a liberal she basically promotes the that it’s going to be an argument as opposed to a discussion.
    She sure has some control over the topics that are going to be discussed.
    She could do a more fair and balanced news talk show and chooses not to.

  64. “It’ll be interesting to see if MSNBC runs Matthews’ taped Obama interview.”

    ^^ I was thinking the same thing Joe. Matthews must be having some mixed emotions about having his heavily promoted Obama interview being bigfooted by wall to wall coverage of Mandela’s passing. Even if he does run the interview it will get little media coverage and probably poor ratings. I think he’ll postpone it until tomorrow.

  65. icemannyr Says:

    FNC back to Obama bashing.

  66. icemannyr Says:

    It appears the rest of Special Report is a mix of Mandela and Obama bashing as Jessie Jackson is on next.
    All the other news channels are talking about Mandela.

  67. Aljazeera America has done an incredible job.

  68. Looks like Greta is devoting her entire show to Mandela’s passing.

  69. Meanwhile, Billo starts with Obama’s bad poll numbers, with a lovely segment planned for later with Megyn Kelly explaining why she “cares about Obamacare”. You wanna fire somebody? Start with the moron who decided this was a night for this kind of cable news programming. Roger Ailes should be ashamed of himself.

  70. I’m still morning Margret Thatcher’s passing.

  71. If I want wall-to-wall Mandela, I’ll go to CNN or AJA. I don’t see the problem with O’Reilly having regular programming. I also don’t have a problem with MSNBC going ahead with Chris Matthews’ lapdog interview of Obama, in the previous hour. Not terribly impressed with Billo’s interview of Palin, but that was not unexpected.

  72. The guy wants someone fired at Fox for covering Politics…after Hardball’s previous hour was about….Politics! But that’s okay.

  73. Feels good to be back! Ice, I love you, man.

  74. Bunch of crap. MSNBC shouldn’t have run the Obama interview, either. Whether it’s Margret Thatcher or Nelson Mandela, when a world leader of such stature dies, cable news should shelve their partisan BS and cover the death. Period.

  75. But thanks for assuming I was ok with MSNBC’s move. You’re real mind-readers over here.

  76. Nelson Mandela’s greatness wasn’t just that he fought for justice and equality but he learned and taught others how to stop fighting one that was (roughly) attained.

    It must have been awfully hard to turn his cheek after all of that pain and suffering. It’s usually easier to tear things down then build it up.

    Yep, MSNBC and Fox needed to preempt things. Or at least have it as their lead stories for their regular programming.

  77. Or at least have it as their lead stories for their regular programming.

    That’s what I was looking for from The Factor: At least start off with it before going back to the usual silliness, for God’s sake. His show and Hardball were taped, and both played as from an alternate universe.

    Megyn is live with Juan Williams on Mandela now, so there’s a grain of sanity over there.

  78. Well, she was for 7 minutes. Now..Obamacare! I hate Fox News.

  79. savefarris Says:

    Nelson Mandela’s greatness…

    Whoa, easy!

    Today of all days is not the day to discuss this man’s shortcomings. But in our rush to speak well of the dead, let’s not ignore that he had them.

  80. Thanks for assuming I was OK with MSNBC. Well, Joe, you demanded someone at Fox be fired, but didn’t have one critical word for MSNBC…

  81. What are we supposed to do, read your mind to know that you were keeping your anger at MSNBC secret until someone else brought it up? Then you would jump in and say, oh I believed that all along. But I chose to only attack Fox because I wanted Icemanny to like me?

  82. The trick is to respond to what I say, instead of extrapolating about something I hadn’t brought up. If you had a question about MSNBC, you could’ve asked it. You didn’t. You assumed you already knew the answer. Wrong again, sport.

  83. So who at MSNBC do you want fired?

  84. So who at MSNBC do you want fired?

    Nobody. I’m not going to throw out the whole network over one decision I disagree with. At FNC, on the other hand, it is well known that I consider the entire network to be a cesspool because of Roger Ailes. He’s great at getting ratings and making viewers hate people; terrible at anything related to news.

  85. savefarris Says:

    Giving Obama credit where it’s due: we finally won the war on poverty!

  86. As with most breaking news coverage, especially with the passing of an influential political figure, wall-to-wall coverage is a bit much. Spending a small portion of an hour on other stories isn’t a bad thing, it might even help retain some viewers.

  87. “At FNC, on the other hand, it is well known that I consider the entire network to be a cesspool”

    Could have fooled me.

  88. icemannyr Says:

    At least Megyn did 7min on Mandela.
    Hannity is on tape and did a grand total of 30 seconds on Mandela then went right to liberal bashing for the rest of the show.

  89. Outsider, FNC’s audience doesn’t want to hear about the dead black hero, and they know it. I’m surprised they let Greta have the whole hour.

  90. I know a few people in their 40s and 50s who whine about “getting old”. The lesson of Mandela I think they could use is that he was 72 when he got out of prison. Then he changed the world.

  91. FNC’s audience doesn’t want to hear about the dead black…

    Quite a wide brush stroke there, nasty man.

  92. icemannyr Says:

    Even “Special Report” when the Mandela news was still recent did two segments of Obama bashing. The first at 6:24pm on the poll about students not trusting Obama then at 6:51pm the panel bashing Obamacare.

    FNC wants to keep the viewers angry with as much Obama and liberal bashing as they can.

  93. Quite a wide brush stroke there, nasty man.

    Too bad. It’s obvious why they dumped out of Mandela coverage so fast to get back to Obama-bashing. Screw them.

  94. You’d think Ailes would make an effort to be a little less blatant. He didn’t even bother.

  95. icemannyr Says:

    There’s that nasty troll Bill Cunningham yelling at the liberal female guest Jehmu Greene.
    They way the liberal female guests get yelled at and talked down to is disgusting.

    Next Hannity and the creepy Brent Bozell whine and complain about Chris Matthews interview of Obama.
    Right like Hannity never did any soft ball interviews of conservatives.

  96. The man who rages against reading his mind is a master at reading others to see their nasty.

  97. Get your insurance yet, Ice?

  98. I’ve been following Roger Ailes’ sordid career going back to Willie Horton. Everybody knows who that race-baiting bottom feeder is.

  99. My last comment was more directed at everyone but FNC, mostly at AJE and BBC WN. Using what Ice mentioned, FNC is now doing too little (I haven’t tuned in since Greta). So you have FNC on one end and everyone else on the other of the spectrum.
    For Special Report, I think it’s okay since it’s now their flagship newscast. They still spent most of their time on Mandela. It’s actually the balance I would like to see on all news channels for this type of breaking news. We can disagree on what the non-Mandela stories should be but in terms of time spent, it’s okay to me.

  100. icemannyr Says:

    Hannity playing the same old clips of Matthews talking about Obama. Then it’s the same old two clips of Ed Schultz from his radio show.

    The best part is Brent Bozell whines that most of the MSNBC anchors and hosts are liberal yet I’m sure he has no problem with the conservative bias on FNC.
    Love the conservative double standard. MSNBC can’t have a liberal bias but FNC can have a conservative bias.

  101. icemannyr Says:

    I’ll agree that every show does not have to be all Mandela coverage but Hannity only doing 30 seconds after the show intro is a joke.
    For those wondering what was more important that Hannity could only do 30 seconds on Mandela.
    A Block UNIVERSAL NIGHTMARE (Obamacare Bashing)
    B Block OBAMA YOUTH (Obama Bashing)
    C Block MINIMUM WAGE DEBATE (Union Bashing)
    D Block MEDIA MASH (MSNBC Bashing)
    E Block OBAMACARE LEGAL CHALLENGE (Obamacare Bashing)

  102. icemannyr Says:

    AJA’s 11pm newscast starts with Mandela.
    CNN is still live at 11pm with Wolf anchoring and being simulcast on CNNi.
    MSNBC is showing the Obama interview instead of Hayes.
    FNC is regular taped programming.

  103. I’m not one to recommend anyone watch Hannity & Hannity, but it is dumb to criticise that programme for spending little time on Nelson Mandela’s death. Do you think the story should get more than a mention on CNN’s Crossfire?

  104. If FNC covers Mandela they get blamed for not being genuine.
    If they don’t cover Mandela on all shows, they are racist cads.
    I don’t know why they fired Bashir if they don’t get credit for it.
    Wait, I think I have things all mixed up.

  105. I do not care how mixed up you are.

  106. The criticizing of all things FNC here over, and over, and over, and over for anything and everything is never going to stop because apparently Spud has no objection. it just needs to be accepted as constant background noise mixed with some interesting insights that appear on the blog most every day. Adding a little anti-MSNBC noise to the sonic equalizer is my guilty pleasure, but I hope to come up with the occasional insight that a Fritz might like.

  107. “I do not care how mixed up you are.”

    Pretend that I’m now writing to you. I blocked you on Twitter years ago.

  108. I blocked you on Twitter years ago.

    Nobody cares.

  109. You speak for everybody?

  110. Put a lid on it, Kelly. We’re all allowed to voice opinions here without turning it into a personal vendetta with ridiculous references to Twitter. NOBODY CARES that you don’t like my opinions.

  111. Your the one going overboard. Cool off. Take a nap. Drive your car.

  112. Way back during the last century a story such as Nelson Mandela’s passing would have been prominent on all broadcast network television news programmes. Near the end of the century it would have been on the news-dedicated cable channels as well. Television news organisations had many reporters pre-positioned around the world and getting that fuller coverage on the air immediately was their product. Those days are gone and, unless AJA comes through, there are no news-dedicated cable channels left.

    MSNBC was the first cable news channel to figure out that this was no longer a growing business model for them. FNC soon followed suit and CNN had been miserably hanging in there as long as it could.

    It is no surprise Hannity didn’t have much Mandela discussion. It isn’t what his show does. It is no surprise that Greta did because that is the kind of thing her show does. Tomorrow (or next week if he’s off) O’Reilly may devote one segment to the story. Unless a news story is sensational, damn right they’re going to air the taped programme that they already planned and paid for.

  113. It’s “you’re”.

  114. You’re getting desperate their. 🙂

  115. Al, there is plenty of time to add Mandela coverage as events take place including the funeral with Obama attending. Cable news likes visuals and many are on the way. Had the death been a surprise tragedy the coverage would differ, but most view it as a blessing for the 95 year old great man.

  116. Agreed, but I doubt much of that will be discussed on Hannity & Hannity. If ice had posted that Special Report only spent 30 seconds on Mandela then his criticism would certainly be justified. But Hannity or running taped Bill O? That’s just anti-FNC on the brain.

  117. I can’t vouch for Ice, but I would have preferred taking a night off from The President So Bad for live coverage of Mandela’s death. We all may complain about repetition because we’re the weirdoes who consume so many hours of this stuff, but out of respect for such an important figure, they should have done the proper thing tonight. As usual, Fox News doesn’t give a damn about the proper thing. They decided the usual red meat pablum was what their viewers wanted, and they gave it to them. Because they’re jerks.

  118. “Red meat pablum” seems a bit oxymoronic, no?

  119. While it would demonstrate a level of respect through pre-empting Hannity, or by Hannity’s show spending the hour on Mandela, there is no disrespect whatsoever demonstrated by not doing so.

  120. there is no disrespect

    There is blatant and intentional disrespect. It’s Roger Ailes. It’s what he does.

  121. That sounds more like you sometimes.

    “Hatred of another is the evil reflection of your own degrading soul.”

    – My Mother

  122. Sure. I call out an obvious play to keep close-minded viewers from throwing a fit, and I’m the problem. FNC blew off Nelson Mandela’s death so they could keep up the “Obama is evil” BS. You do the math, smart guy.

  123. Why didn’t ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox cancel all of whatever programmes they had scheduled for tonight out of respect for President Mandela? Did they blow off his death so they could keep whatever singing contest programme viewers happy?

    No. They did what they do. Every night. They are all businesses that serve their customers – advertisers, and pay peoples’ wages.

  124. They didn’t do it so they could get back to harping on how much they hate the president. Tonight was the night to lay off that stuff and honor Mandela’s passing. They couldn’t do it.

  125. FNC is a campaign operation, and they do whatever it takes to stay on message. Oh, a great world leader died? Too bad, he’s not our demo, and if we run with it the demo might feel put out. So screw it..back to the show. I hope y’all enjoyed it.

  126. Maybe it’s a good thing Hannity isn’t covering Mandela. He’ll probably bring on some idiots spouting off malicious and ignorant crap about Mandela. Just look at some of the comments out there. My favourite ones are about how S. Africa would be much more prosperous under Apartheid and the ANC drove the country into the ground. No doubt the ANC isn’t lifting people out of poverty but they completely miss the point. The black majority wanted to be treated fairly and they would have lived in poverty under Apartheid even if the economic pie was bigger in addition to be abused. Not everything is about money.

  127. Outsider: you can’t be serious, can you? Really – this kind of statement is FNC derangement syndrome. So because some stupid idiots “out there” make comments about how great things would be under apartheid those are the people Hannity would bring on?

    Logical reasoning isn’t a strong part of that kind of comment. So, am I to believe Hannity producers are over in South Africa right now looking for nasty white people to talk about about things were better under apartheid and Mandela was just an awful person wanting equality for all.

    Maybe, those idiot people are just people who really have NO idea who Mandel a was and how important he was to his country and the world. Maybe when you see a comment like you are referring to you could respond with a link to some article or you tube that you could correct these idiots and educate them about what they are saying in totally inaccurate.

    But, I get it, it’s easier to say Hannity supports people like that with absolutely no basis is fact. But, he’s on FNC so it must be true that he’s a racist and that I must be too because I am making a comment about him. Personally, Hannity is not my kind of guy but to impugn him with the kind of insidious crap you are are is ridiculous.

  128. Who on MSNBC today is going to say the most offensive thing regarding Mandela and conservatives? I would imagine there’s going to be quite a few candidates.

  129. imnotblue Says:

    After reading all the outraged! messages from Ice and Joe, their message is clear… FNC should have stopped criticizing Obama.

    The fact that Mandela died is more or less incidental to that argument… it’s the excuse for why they should have stopped, but if he hadn’t died, they’d be complaining just as loudly that FNC should stop criticizing Obama.

    So the question becomes, which is more offensive? To overly use an international hero’s death as an excuse to attack a television network you disagree with politically, or to not go wall-to-wall with coverage of story that isn’t changing?

    Hmm. I know which one gets my vote.

  130. I’m pretty clear which was more offensive: Roger Ailes for disrespecting the memory of a great man.

  131. Pam, it’s ironic that the hallmark of the great leader was his work of reconciliation but what you see here is an outpouring of pure hated against FNC which has done some wonderful segments of their shows praising Mandela and celebrating his life. The comments by George Will and Charles Krautheimer were as elegant and touching as any liberal could have crafted. Expecting FNC to stop any negative reporting on Obama is as silly as harping they do so on a day that FNC celebrates the greatness of Mandela while the ICN commenters here barely mention it. But this is a cable news blog and no one here really hates FNC. Today’s angry words are just a public service to emphasize that while FNC is not really hated, it’s detestable, deplorable, and downright hate-worthy. Just in case you missed that sentiment every other day.

  132. And another day has passed where not one FNC host has suggested sh^tting in a woman’s mouth. I’m on the watch for it.

  133. No worries, people, The Great Defender Of Fox News is back. He’s probably a plant.

  134. Neither plant nor mole nor evil soul,
    I give an admiring holler to Johnny Dollar.

  135. The actual life of actual poor people. Or as the right refers to them..takers.

  136. Well you had to know this was going to happen. Rick Santorum compares the Republican fight against Obamacare to Mandela’s fight against apartheid in an interview with Billo.

  137. icemannyr Says:

    Joe and my self happen to agree that FNC is doing an all out campaign style attack on Obamacare.

    The “Eyes On Obamacare.” intro they play on FOX & Friends is over the top creepy.

    Just watch the promo that just aired for Greta’s show about Obamacare were they are trying to scare people about a doctor shortage. One of FNC’s own guests the other day said there is not going to be a doctor shortage.

    Here comes the FNC media whine segment from Jon Scott that no one cares that Bashir quit MSNBC.
    Even liberal guest Kirsten Powers is using the tired old line that MSNBC gets low ratings which is not true. I’d rather be MSNBC regularly finishing in 2nd place then CNN in 3rd or HLN in 4th.

  138. Kirsten has been working there too long. She reflexively uses “FNC better than the rest” talking points even when they’re completely unnecessary. It’s a disease that eventually envelops everyone in that building as if they belong to a cult. Quite bizarre.

  139. Fox discussed the fact that Martin Bashir took three weeks to “decide” it was time to leave, while the rest of the press totally ignored his ugliness. They also pointed out that if anyone watched his show, chances are he wouldn’t have been “resigned”, much like Keith Olbermann. Perfectly fair game for Fox to cover Mr Bashir, especially since the rest of the press chose not to.

    And here we are, talking about Mandela. Just not wall-to-wall. What horrible racists.

  140. Holy crap, Al Jazeera is talking about jobs and weather! Where’s my smelling salts?

  141. Kweisi Mfume on Fox. Wow, is that allowed? He’s all black and stuff.

  142. Laura I’ll agree with you on Bashir it’s just that the Jon Scott us vs them media bias segments are getting old.
    Why does he still need to do them when they have Howard Kurtz?

  143. No one can ask a conservatively-slanted question like Jon Scott, no question.

  144. Uh, nobody’s asking Fox News to stick with the story today. It’s their “Sh geez, do we have to cover this?” approach last night I was critical of. But you go on.

  145. Joe, some of the FNC audience agrees with you.
    Check out the comments on The Five’s FB page to their post about Mandela.
    Fans were annoyed that FNC dare preempt The Five for coverage of the passing of Mandela and also threw in nasty hate speech to.

  146. Farris: This sums it up pretty good for me:

    “The largest part of the explanation for why South Africa is light years ahead of most African nations — why, for all its struggles with high unemployment, crime, corruption, and other woes, it is freer and more prosperous than most of its neighbors — is the character of Nelson Mandela. Had he turned out to be another Mugabe, there is every likelihood that South Africa would now be on the same road to ruin as Zimbabwe. But that did not happen because Mandela turned out to be, quite simply, a great man — someone who could spend 27 years in jail and emerge with no evident bitterness to make a deal with his jailers that allowed them to give up power peacefully and to avoid persecution.”

    Do you realize how difficult it is to have 27 years of your life – the best years at that – taken away and not be bitter? Not seek revenge? For yourself and for your family and friends and race?

    Sorry, if you can’t see greatness just in that – forget about the rest of his life – then I can’t explain it.

    By the way, one of the reasons he embraced the communists is because they didn’t turn their back on him like the west, i.e., the US, did.

    Re cable coverage: I didn’t see it but apparently Greta devoted her entire show to his death and life. That sort of puts a kibosh on the Roger Ailes Klan Network claims.

    Yeah, who am I kidding?

  147. Ooh, so now we’re referencing comments on Facebook? Because I’m pretty sure that we don’t want to know what purported MSNBC’s viewers thought about Sarah Palin, and whether Bashir should have been pushed.

  148. This is ironic FNC and MSNBC start out the 1pm hour talking about Mandela while CNN is not and is talking about the jobs report.
    Good job by FNC not making Obamcare the top story.

  149. Laura, nasty comments should not be tolerated on either side.
    I’m just noting that in addition to people being mad that The Five was not on they also threw in nasty comments.

    All news channels should do a better job moderating comments on their social media pages and not allowing hate speech.

  150. Yeah, I’m sure that the networks will get right on that moderation thing. I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

    So, to wrap up, Fox covered Mandela from the time it broke (445), to about six. Then Special Report covered it for about half the show, including a special panel at the beginning. Greta covered it for an hour. There were news-breaks during O’Reilly. Kelly did a couple segments on it, but Hannity did nothing. Based upon this, Roger Ailes is a racist, and is stroking his racist viewers. I cannot imagine how anyone would disagree with that assessment, but you be the judge.

  151. My big complaint of the FNC Mandela coverage is Hannity only doing 30 seconds. He does a politics show and could have at least one guest on to talk about Mandela he would have the rest of the show for liberal bashing.

    Shep did a good job having Dana and Bob on as guests.

    You could also debate if MSNBC should have delayed the Obama interview and aired it later in the evening or Friday.

  152. What you should imagine is that Fox almost completey blew off Mandela coverage during primetime while everyone else covered it. Because they needed to get back to freaking out about the president lest their viewers have a cow. I have explained this as sufficiently as possible. You be the judge.

  153. Most of us have judged.

  154. Stricken from ON THE RECORD: irrelevant and immaterial. Case Remi vs FNC dismissed without prejudice.

  155. All day, Kelly. Bring it on.

  156. Clash of the Not-Quite-Titans.

  157. Release the kraken!

  158. Midget wreslting? Been there, seen that.

    Well, seen that at least.

    Can you say midget? Small people wrestling?

    What’s the protocol?

  159. Gretchen needs to stop saying “Manel Panel” it’s beyond cringeworthy.

    For those who picked Chris Matthews as the first at MSNBC to say something controversial regarding Mandela,

  160. Tamron Hall couldn’t get Shelia Jackson Lee to take the bait. Trying to get her to tie Mandela/Apartheid into current politics in the US. And, Lee wouldn’t bite. Shelia Jackson Lee. That Shelia Jackson Lee. Tamron is awful.

  161. erich: can you please explain why you are directing a negative comment to farris (12/6 @ 11:04am) about Mandela when he hasn’t posted anything on Free for All since 12/5 @ 8:09pm which was way the heck before Mandela died?

    Benefit of the doubt: maybe you have someone else in mind to bash?

    I haven’t seen anyone here (maybe I missed something) in any way bash Mandela as you seem to be saying in your comment.

  162. Jake Tapper is doing a story on what random people have written on Ted Cruz’s facebook page in response to Mandella statement. Huh? This is MSNBC style crackpot bullsh!t. This is a Maddow schtick. What the hell is he doing? Tapper is much, much better than that.

  163. You were ok with the Tapper criticism. Then somehow you dragged MSNBC into it. Congratulations.

  164. He also mentioned Santorum and Matthews’ dumb/offensive comments. But yeah, setting up a segment to discuss online comments seems like some egregious time-filler.

  165. Pam: I wasn’t being serious about Hannity being an apartheid supporter. That said, Hannity is doing too much to pander to the far-right for the sake of ratings. He and his producers are getting extremely sloppy too. Remember those Obamacare guests? FNC can turn into an all-opinion channel and I wouldn’t care but applying some journalistic standards would be nice.

    There are people who will always hate FNC but I’m not one of them. Normally I would defend FNC but since Zimmerman, it’s getting more and more difficult to do that. They’re becoming more careless with facts and doing even more pandering to more extreme right-wingers.

  166. icemannyr Says:


  167. Al Jazeera America Now on Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks
    As of this morning, Al Jazeera America is on Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, the second and sixth-largest cable systems, respectively, in the U.S. AJAM is now in 55 million U.S. homes. Its predecessor Current TV was in 48 million homes as of August. Al Jazeera America went live in October. By contrast, CNN is in 98 million homes, Fox News is in 97 million, MSNBC 94…

  168. Doug Mataconis ‏@dmataconis 54m
    #Sigh RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Nelson Mandela

    Robert A George ‏@RobGeorge 4m
    @dmataconis In fairness, it got stuck on the Confederate flag on the way down. @BuzzFeedAndrew

  169. Meanwhile, jobs numbers.

  170. icemannyr Says:

    Dobbs must be mad he has to do a story on good job numbers.
    He did put in the shot that it took to long to get there.

    Since I complained about FNC’s,
    I just noticed CNBC has it’s own creepy Obamacare animation intro.

  171. icemannyr Says:

    Noticed they are no longer using the soft filter on the close up cam of O’Reilly.
    They still use it on Melissa Frances on her 5pm FBN which is ridiculous because she does not need it. They don’t use it for Dobbs who uses the same studio.

  172. icemannyr Says:

    “Friday on ‘The Kelly File’
    A “Kelly File” exclusive! A Washington whistleblower’s explosive new claims could impact Homeland Security. Plus Brent Bozell discusses the war on GOP women in the mainstream media. And why a teen mom is at the center of a racist graffiti probe”

    Bozell does not get enough time on Hannity?

    So now there is a war on GOP women in the mainstream media because the media did not care what Bashir said about Palin? That’s a bit of a stretch. It’s more that the is ignoring Palin and does not want to give her any attention.

    If anyone has a war on women it’s Hannity the way he treats his liberal female guests and allows them to be insulted and yelled at.

  173. “A war on GOP women.” That’s amusing.

  174. If you watched MSNBC Ice, don’t you think you would be a happier person? I’m trying to imagine going to someone’s house every night that I can’t stand just to remind myself why I can’t stand them.

  175. ‘“A war on GOP women.” That’s amusing.’

    Not if you are the woman slated for a mothfull of feces.

  176. I don’t think one professional victim being hollered at by one moron who lost his job over it quite qualifies as a war. But count on the rightwing media machine to build one out of it. Good luck.

  177. icemannyr Says:

    The RNC comedy show on FNC at 9pm is to funny to miss plus Rachel is not on.
    MSNBC goes to the archives for an old “Headliners & Legends” on Mandela hosted by Lester Holt and not in HD.

  178. Megyn Kelly and Brent Bozell? Way to step up to 2008, FNC! I’ll pass.

  179. No moron, he: respected colleague allowed to resign for reasons never mentioned, let alone appoliged for by MSNBC management.

  180. Yes, we’re clear on your continued “it’s not enough” over a guy who flushed his career down the drain. I’ll write it down for future reference.

  181. icemannyr Says:

    Great the name calling is back.

  182. She keeps saying “research team”. For Media Research Center. I don’t think even Hannity shines the BS quite that much.

  183. who called whom a name?

  184. No name calling, Ice. Larry was referencing that I called Bashir a moron. That’s different.

  185. icemannyr Says:

    Did she mention that the Media Research Center is a conservative group that only cares about liberal media bias?

    Tonight there was another “Kelly File Investigation” by Trace Gallagher. This time it was on Obama’s Uncle.
    I wonder who actually did the reporting?
    The last “Kelly File Investigation” was based on a report done by The Daily Caller on the hoax bias incident at Vassar College that Trace Gallagher did not bother to credit them for.

  186. icemannyr Says:

    Ok then, I take back the name calling comment. Carry on.

    Laura, I also love how a “Kelly File Exclusive” is simply a two day old report by a conservative journalist that is already on the internet.

  187. -Exclusives-
    It’s deceptive like most advertising. It could be exclusive as in no one else on FNC reported or no one else on TV has done it yet. Kinda like food labels. The product now has 25% less sodium than before so it seems healthier yet the amount is far above the recommended intake.

  188. “Exclusively on this channel right now!”

  189. Isn’t Megyn Kelly going to be on some late-night programme nest week? I think I read that, but someone should tweet the host and get him to ask her about those deceptive “exclusive” claims.

  190. Yeah, that’ll be something Jay Leno will be sure to want to add to the conversation. I bet he reads this blog.

  191. I’m watching the re-air right now, and Megyn is physically incapable of controlling her ‘shouting, shocked’ voice. Her throat is trashed and she shouldn’t be trying to talk. Let the woman call in sick, for God’s sake!

  192. Jay Leno might like to ask such a question. It’s not so different than those “New & Improved” product labels he makes fun of.

  193. I’m the physician around here, idiot, not you. It is my professional opinion that Ms. Kelly’s scratchy throat will not in any way put the appearance of her legs at risk.

  194. ^ It’s all good then.

  195. Just saw the “Rand Paul Exclusive” promo for FNS. Am I supposed to be impressed?

  196. They better ask for his notes before the show.

  197. The important question is. When Megyn does her show from CA Is there going to be a leg desk and leg light?

  198. Well, that 20 minutes was my fill of cable news for the week. Maybe the month. Nothing here that I haven’t already read somewhere else.

  199. ^ ^ I noticed her legs weren’t lit up tonight.

  200. I gave up after Bozell interpreted Obama’s claim that the media likes to divide (duh) as “people are mean to me about Obamacare”. That’s some cogent political analysis there, Boz!

  201. I’m not sure Bozell’s take on Obama’s claim was off-base, but either way it is not worth more than five seconds of my time contemplating such useless information.

  202. The problem was it wasn’t related to what the president said. “The media plays up divisions” isn’t exactly an original thought, and there was no reason for Bozell to read his own imagined motive into it. He basically made up a taking point for a political shot. That’s not analysis, it’s campaigning.

  203. ^ And I guarantee you it was scripted, which is what drives me crazy about these shows. Megyn, the producer and Bozell planned an Obamacare shoutout to end a segment which was advertised as “war on GOP women”. It’s no different than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills setting up a “spontaneous” fight.

  204. So much to bash, so little time:
    NYT — The Obama administration said Friday that the enrollment records for roughly a quarter of all the people who signed up for health insurance on its website in October and November could contain errors.

  205. icemannyr Says:

    Don’t worry F&F is already bashing Obamacare based on that news and Tucker and guest Peter Morici are using the jobs report to bash Obama.

  206. Every little bash helps. The Liar deserves all that’s coming to him.

  207. You can’t claim ACA will kill jobs, then turn around and bash a good jobs report. It qualifies anything else you say as “just saying stuff”.

  208. icemannyr Says:

    So much for that “Exclusive” interview of Rand Paul on FNS.
    December 7, 2013
    Can the free market save Detroit?
    7:33 – Sen. Rand Paul weighs in.

    How many segments can FNC do based on the Harvard Poll?
    Everything is Obama’s fault,

  209. icemannyr Says:

    I noticed unfunny conservative comedian Steven Crowder seems to have been replaced by another conservative comedian Ryan Riess on FNC.
    Riess does lame man on the street segments on Huckabee and shows up on other FNC shows.

  210. imnotblue Says:

    Joe… how are current jobs numbers and the ACA related?

    And what’s the difference between “bashing Obamacare” and “discussing Obamacare?” Of have we hit a point where the news about Obamacare is so consistently bad, that any discussion of it is seen as “biased programming?”

  211. icemannyr Says:

    FNC only does negative segments on Obamacare even when it is a discussion, I’d consider that bashing and not very Fair and Balanced.

  212. Blue, I didn’t say you can’t discuss or bash Obamacare; FNC has a right to say whatever-the-heck they want. I said if you call ACA a job-killer (they do), then turn around and downplay a jobs report which contradicts that POV, you’re not making any sense.

    FNC has a problem with treating everything related to this president as a negative, even when it’s not. This is neither news nor opinion. It’s the kind of negative campaign-speak a political opponent in an election would use.

  213. imnotblue Says:

    And when I link to an interview with a Democrat who supports the ACA and was talking about the positives, what will the next response be?

  214. icemannyr Says:

    Try to find one where they are not being interrupted by the FNC anchor or host as they try to answer a question. 😛

  215. I’m not sure who you’re talking to, Blue. No one is saying FNC never has Democrats who support ACA on.

  216. Try to find one where they are not being interrupted by the FNC anchor or host as they try to answer a question.

    Dude, I thought you were exaggerating this phenomenon with Hannity, but then I caught a few minutes of his show last night. First a conservative woman said some stuff about “sure, more people will be covered, but other people who were covered now won’t be” – uh, that didn’t make any sense – then the liberal guy started talking. He got about 10 seconds in before they both started shouting at him and he gave up. It was all highly silly.

  217. icemannyr Says:

    Yeah that segment never was posted to
    Hannity and Katie Pavlich were going after the liberal guest.

    That’s a typical Hannity Obamacare debate segment.
    Try to birate the liberal guest into saying Obama is a lair and never let them finish an answer while Hannity and the conservative guest talk uninterrupted.

    The first segment was even better with conservative David Limbaugh yelling and screaming about how awful Obama is while liberal Rick Ungar can barely get in a response.

    Fox News Columnist Calls Pope Francis the ‘Catholic Church’s Obama

  218. icemannyr Says:

    Huckabee says his African American college student guest is “Bright and Articulate”. Was he supposed to be stupid and not well spoken?
    Hope he gets as much flack as Biden did when he said the same thing about Obama.

  219. Not gonna happen. Huckabee describes every young guest that way, and Biden never should have been hassled for his comment in the first place. There’s no need to repeat it.

  220. icemannyr Says:

    Time for the FNC comedy hour.
    This show is to funny to miss with the over the top bad acting during Pirro’s opening Obama rant.
    Not only does Pirro get her Obamacare basing in she makes sure to mention Obama’s uncle.
    “Mr. President, with all due respect…” 😛

  221. With post after post basically the same, what do you think you are accomplishing, Ice?

  222. icemannyr Says:

    And I could same the same of the people who bash Obama all day and don’t even other to talk about cable news.

  223. icemannyr Says:

    Larry let me ask you this,

    With show after after basically the same, what do you think FNC is accomplishing?

    I think FNC’s 24/7 Obamacare bad coverage is more annoying then my posts complaining about their coverage.

    Pirro just had Ben Stein on for a total of 90 seconds. Even he said “That’s it?”.

  224. Answer a question with a question.

  225. icemannyr Says:

    “With post after post basically the same, what do you think you are accomplishing, Ice?”

    I’m commenting on a cable news blog about FNC’s Obamacare bashing. Everyone else seems to be is giving FNC a pass for their biased coverage.

    Again I don’t complain about every post here with some article talking about how Obamacare is bad and the president is a lair.
    It’s funny how talk about FNC gets people so cranky.

  226. Just asking, not what you’re doing, but what you are trying to accomplish by putting so much effort into doing it?

  227. Me, I’m trying to have fun, win friends, and influence liberals to renounce Satan. I’d also like to get Martin Bashir retroactively fired:

  228. icemannyr Says:

    If your is question is,
    am I trolling the blog trying to annoy people and just bash FNC? No.
    I just feel very strongly that FNC is running a campaign to bash Obamacare when the fact is the roll out is a mess should be good enough.

    I’ve also said in previous posts that Bashir does nasty name calling and was a bad choice for a host at MSNBC.

  229. icemannyr Says:

    Again it’s wonderful that Huckabee thinks it’s funny that people can’t sign up for Obamacare and the rollout is a mess.
    MSNBC never did nonsense like this,

  230. icemannyr Says:

    How did I forget KO did that puppet theater thing so there is that. 😛

  231. What’s “funny” is how hard rightwing media is working to obfuscate their objection to ACA. They keep coming up with new ways to be unhappy about it, which has taken them from “mandate is bad” to “website is bad” to “people are being dropped, but they can still get insurance, but now more people can, too”. Um, what?

    Y’all need to quit before the general public forgets the stuff they’re supposed to be bothered about, and becomes convinced you’re just pissed that more people can pay to see a doctor.

  232. nah, people realizing they are paying more for insurance they can’t afford, seeing deductibles raised, and losing their doctor from their health plan — ALL TO PAY TO ADD TO THE MEDICAID ROLLS — those people will march to the polls to toss Democrats out on their asses faster than you can say, “we don’t like the liar PERSONALLY!”

  233. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Larry, the usual suspects here think that they are not only entitled to their own opinions, but their own personal reality.

    A good example is the obsession of one with Ailes to the point of giving him credit for the Willie Horton ad. Lee Atwater was the campaign manager who directed Larry McCarthy to create the ad.

    But, the truth can’t get in the way of a good rant.

    And – telling the truth about somebody or something is NOT bashing.

  234. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Me, I’m trying to have fun, win friends, and influence liberals to renounce Satan. I’d also like to get Martin Bashir retroactively fired:

    I’m here to impress Jodie Foster.

  235. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    ^I went to quote Larry and screwed up the entire post.

    Me, I’m trying to have fun, win friends, and influence liberals to renounce Satan. I’d also like to get Martin Bashir retroactively fired:

    Me? I’m here to impress Jodie Foster.

  236. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    My first post back was deleted, so let’s try again.

    I wasn’t aware that telling the truth was considered “bashing.” I need a new dictionary.

    Also, Roger Ailes wasn’t behind the Willie Horton ad. Lee Atwater was the campaign manager who personally directed Larry McCarthy to develop and run the ad.

  237. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Not bad. I hope the above doesn’t get zapped, like the previous.

    I thought that I’d come back to help you guys out.

  238. If Media Buzz wants to mock Chris Matthews for his Obama interview they should at least be more original in their lower thirds.
    They used the same “Chris Matthews Plays Softball” as Hannity did on Friday.

    Reliable Sources had an interview of Ryan Seacrest which I did not believe was relevant to the show since Seacrest is not a news anchor or host.

  239. When the of name your show is HARDBALL and you coddle a politician to provide aid and comfort, don’t be surprised when your detractors toss an obvious pitch across your plate more than a few times.

    STRIKE three. YOU’RE out!

  240. I get why they did it. I’m saying Reliable Sources was not very original in using the exact same segment title as Hannity.

  241. And I’m saying good for them. Most relevant characterization of all time. OF ALL TIMES!

  242. Mandela was a great man.
    There… I’ve said it again.

  243. Is Chris Matthews supposed to be a hard news journalist? I didn’t think so. “Hardball” implies a level of game played against an opponent. When it’s only members of one team on the field then they’re just playing catch.

  244. Then don’t call it BATMAN if all your going to do is feature The Joker yucking it up with The Riddler.

  245. “you’re”, Joe, you’re.

  246. The Obama interview was a thoughtful discussion with a supporter. Anybody looking for a pointless attack exercise with pointless defenses was wasting their time.

  247. Releasing your private information to insurers when you didn’t authorize it? No big deal, you should be “comforted” that it was done for you. Because, you know, we know much better than you how to take care of yourself!

    “I can imagine some people may be upset,” Lee said in an interview Friday. “But I can see a lot of people will be comforted and relieved at getting the help they need to navigate a confusing process.”,0,1224576.story#ixzz2mvFKlcSh

  248. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    “The Obama interview was a thoughtful discussion with a supporter.”

    “Brown-nosing interview” is defined as “Thoughtful discussion” in the Official Progressive Dictionary. Thanks for the clarification.

  249. tick.. tick.. tick
    the liar’s Medicaid timebomb

  250. “Brown-nosing interview” is defined as “Thoughtful discussion” in the Official Progressive Dictionary. Thanks for the clarification.

    I can do without the creepy imagery, and roll back the clock 10 years and you would’ve seen the same interview with George Bush. It was not promoted as a confrontation interview. Get over it.

  251. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    “Creepy imagery.”

    I forgot some here were so sensitive, what with the name calling and so forth spewing forth from the Left.

  252. roll back the clock and you can find anything you like or hate. Today is today, the President is a lying, phony, and MSNBC is his propaganda engine. Don’t get over it. Fight it.

  253. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    This President is the Barry Bonds of presidential liars.

  254. One thing I wish would stop happening: Major journalists who “retire” from journalism, then become pundits. Every time I see Brit Hume or Dan Rather give their political opinions, I think, “So what was all that stuff you did before? Were you reporting the news, or bending it?” Drives me crazy.

  255. yeah, nobody that doesn’t voice political opinions ever had them.

  256. ^ I don’t care..I think it’s greedy and tarnishes their careers. Jim Lehrer wouldn’t do it.

  257. CNN’s Jim Acosta wonders the dumbest thing in the history of wondering for all those incredibly stupid people in the world who would wonder such a thing.

  258. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    CNN’s Jim Acosta wonders the dumbest thing in the history of wondering for all those incredibly stupid people in the world who would wonder such a thing.

    Obama has more in common with another African leader – Robert Mugabe.

  259. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    News item: “New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals”

    Compassion, Obama style.

  260. “Dr. Tim’s Moment Of Clarity
    President Obama’s idea of fixing his health care fiasco is to rebrand “Obamacare” and put out a big PR blitz to salvage his reputation. Say what you will about George W. Bush, he was never dumb enough to rename Katrina “The Big Happy Breeze” and run expensive ads telling people the homes they lost weren’t worth owning anyway. Whatever kind of fail comes after epic, we are living it.”

  261. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Whatever kind of fail comes after epic, we are living it.

    Pam, that would be ultimate fail.

  262. icemannyr Says:

    “Monday, 8p ET: A love connection for Clinton? Bernie Goldberg previews the media’s coverage of Hilary.”

    Good to know Bernie already knows the future.
    Hillary is running for president and going to get soft coverage from the MSM.

    Maybe he can tell us if FNC coverage of the republicans is going to be soft to?

  263. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    If he knows the future, I want to know Wednesday’s lottery numbers. Everything else is bupkis.

  264. Maybe people should wait until Clinton decides if she’s running or not. Ya know, sometime after the next election we have coming up..

  265. The Kelly File! Now on Sundays!

  266. icemannyr Says:

    The Fox and Friends hosts must have Obamacare derangement syndrome. All they do is wine and wine and wine about Obamacare for at least five minutes at the start of the show’s first segment instead of actually giving you the news.

    If you want to cover the legitimate issues and problems with Obamacare fine but every day having your hosts whining complaining about how awful Obamacare is has to be something that’s being coordinated by the show’s producers as a part of the FOXNews campaign to bash Obamacare daily.

  267. Are they whining about the purposeful releasing of private information in California?

    How about whining about an error rate of at least 10% and that folks who think they are signed up had better do MORE work to make sure that they actually have the insurance that they thought they contracted for?

    For goodness sake MAYBE some people are learning about what issues are out there from FOX instead of Avignon the wool pulled over their eyes by some other TV outlets.

  268. Come on ICE, here’s a good one from that rathole you like. Real superior stuff they offer. Get off the soap box — It’s cardboard:


  269. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Telling the truth is “bashing?” Only in the bizarro world of the Left.

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