Power Play

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Rodney Ho has an interesting item on The Weather Channel…

The Weather Channel, headquartered in Cobb County for 17 years, has been in talks with the county seeking tax breaks to stay.

Would Comcast really move The Weather Channel?


5 Responses to “Power Play”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    For Comcast, if the bottom line would be helped, ‘nothing is off the table’.

  2. Really, does it matter? Is the Weather Channel the “Weather Channel” anymore? What difference does it make where it is based from?

  3. “What difference does it make where it is based from?”

    ^^Probably only to the people that work there.

  4. It doesn’t hurt to try getting a lower tax bill when the opportunity arises. Tax authorities don’t usually offer concessions unless you ask. Could also be that there’s some sort of contractual obligation that came with the recent ownership change to occupy the building they’re headquartered in for a certain number of years and this a technical maneuver to get out from under it.

    Would they move to 30Rock to keep Sam Champion happy? Taxes are already being paid on that building.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Cobb just shifted all their tax breaks around in order to lure the Braves. Comcast just wants to make sure they didn’t lose theirs in the process.

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