Spin Control…

Someone leaked early CNBC 2013 year ratings to Street Insider and they aren’t good…

The early results are in and despite being a huge year for gains in the stock market, ratings for CNBC will likely hit 20-year lows in 2013.

Early data from Nielsen Media Research showed that in the key 25-54 advertising demo for total day ratings, CNBC only averaged 39,000 viewers. This is the lowest since 1993. It is not just the key demo that is lagging, though. For total viewers, CNBC had only 129,000 viewers in P2+ for total day ratings. This is the lowest since 1994.

3 Responses to “Spin Control…”

  1. Life is tough on Main Street. It’s going to be tough for any business to translate all the Wall Street stuff in to viewers – especially since those of us who aren’t investors and aren’t in that elite group on Wall Street have it worse than ever.

  2. Makes sense that business channels would more rapidly go through what their cable news siblings have been experiencing since their audiences are essentially a tighter subset of the same people. The old way to get our information was to wait for it to be fed to us on whatever channel we were watching. Now, we can pretty much get the news and information we want when we want it through other means.

    I understand FBN is still growing some but I don’t think it’s attracting many sophisticated consumers of business and market news. Maybe at some point these cable channels will become marketing tools for paid phone and tablet app products where we can watch the reports on our own individual schedules.

  3. “Let’s watch a bunch of money-people groupies play kiss-arse with a bunch of money-people they’ll be having cocktails with later.”

    This probably seemed like a better idea in 2005…

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