Now Moves Later

TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton writes that MSNBC will be moving Now with Alex Wagner into Martin Bashir’s former slot at 4pm ET…thus annoying the Joy Ann Reid boosters who wanted her to get the slot….something I always thought was a long shot. I think its a good move…conditional to what ends up airing at Noon ET…


14 Responses to “Now Moves Later”

  1. for something completely different! how about a news program at noon?

  2. What’s Alex Witt doing these days?

  3. Oh swell..The Smirkster, then Big Eddie. And my other options are Wolf, Cavuto, and The Five Idiots. I guess I’ll try putting up with AJAM in SD again..

  4. KevinEhsani_TPB Says:

    I was enjoying Ari Melber as a host of his own show (after Bashir left), because he wasn’t simply an advocate for the White House as Wagner is, however, I do enjoy watching her. The question is: what are they going to do with “Now”, and are they going to put Ronan Farrow in that timeslot?

  5. During the week Alex Witt does the news updates for The Weather Channel. She does them for Wake Up With Al from MSNBC live. Then she does them on tape 7am-10am.

  6. The only reasons I watch The Cycle (which is a crap show) are because of Abby and because AJAM is at tape. I sometimes leave MSNBC on at 4pm. Not anymore. I flip the channel at the first hint of Smirky. Only primetime show on MSNBC I watch anymore is Chris Matthews and even then, that’s not an everyday habit.

    If Ronan Farrow gets 3pm and/or Chris Matthews is moved off the 7pm timeslot, I’ll flip and that’ll probably mark the end of my MSNBC viewership.

  7. If I were going to pick one hour a day to watch AJA, Andy. Which should I pick?

  8. 9pm America Tonight with Joie Chen

  9. I used to watch a LOT of cable news. I could sit and watch it all day long. As I get older, I find that I can’t watch this stuff. There’s just way too much talk. Mostly about nothing. I like Alex Wagner, and I used to watch NOW whenever I was home on a weekday at 10am (which is not that often). But the whole idea of a panel show where people do nothing but talk no longer appeals to me. I really hope that when she makes the move to 4pm, that she does something to inject more actual journalism into the show. I hope it’s not just people discussing the news and their opinions about it. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much for me, because I likely won’t be watching anyways.

    This is a great site, by the way. I mostly troll – rarely comment. Even though I don’t watch much cable news anymore, I still like keeping up with all the personnel and other changes and trends in the industry.

  10. nice posting, Ray

  11. bushleaguer Says:

    Don’t be a stranger to commenting, Ray.

    As for Alex Wagner’s show…..what I can’t stand about it is that it is like a bunch of Democrats sitting around talking strategy and pitching talking points. Wagner used to be more neutral but those days are long gone. The format in itself isn’t bad but the show has become way too predictable, as has most of MSNBC. Even Matthews is becoming a Liberal advocate bashing Republicans every evening. I miss the days when he’d rejoice in all things politics and throw out obscure references to past races that you had to look up on the net.

  12. Matthews hit a tipping point with the rise of the Tea Party after Obama was elected. He’s genuinely bitter at what happened after he saw the first black person elected to the presidency, and it’s changed his show. I understand his anger to a degree, but it has made Hardball difficult to watch at times.

  13. I was looking for ari to keep 4pm slot. Smart a liberal but not ALWAYS agreeing with the administration

  14. In the future Now will be yesterday.

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