Phil Griffin Interview…

The Wrap’s L.A. Ross writes about MSNBC’s year and has a Phil Griffin interview…

After Bashir’s exit, Baldwin had taken what some saw as a shot at MSNBC, tweeting, “Some of these cable venues really are Off-Off Television. And their need for a reliable, even forced, homogeneity is more apparent than ever.”

“It was unfortunate,” Griffin said about the exits. “I believed in both of those hosts.”

“They’re no longer here. That happens. I think you’ve got to judge us on everything – how we handled it, going forward,” he added. “I don’t think there’s another network that takes responsibility for the words that come out of [their] hosts shows, what they say. If there’s a mistake we address it – I don’t think another network does what we do.”

“I think that that’s something to be proud of and we are proud of it.”

Going into 2014, Griffin believes the midterm elections will turn viewers back on to politics and help MSNBC regain lost ground. In the meantime, he says his focus is on developing new talent – like Ronan Farrow, who will host his own hour starting early next year – and expanding MSNBC’s outreach online.

“If you don’t evolve, you die,” he said.


One Response to “Phil Griffin Interview…”

  1. “Going into 2014, Griffin believes the midterm elections…”

    So, they’re like the Olympics of news. Only relevant every 4 or, in this case, 2, years? Great strategy there, Griffin.

    There are still 10 days left for Griffin to make good on his promise to overtake Fox News by the end of the year.

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