Spot The Anonymouse…

The New York Post’s Claire Atkinson writes about Antoine Sanfuentes leaving NBC News…

The journalist had been with the Peacock network for 24 years. His last day is Jan. 20, he said in the email, a copy of which was reviewed by The Post.

“We are in the midst of a remarkable time in the news business that is revolutionizing how we are informed, but that still comes with a responsibility to be competitive and to get it right,” Sanfuentes told the staff in the email.

The note did not refer to his reasons for departing but he is said to have not shared NBC News chief Deborah Turness’ vision.

Hold it.

Did you notice what I just noticed?

Let’s go back a couple of days to another article Atkinson wrote about cutbacks at NBC…

NBC veterans have complained privately that Turness is not serious enough, sources said.

“Instead of getting better, NBC News has been getting worse,” said one executive. “It’s a mess.”

The grumblings are centered on Turness’ more aggressive tabloid style.

One senior NBC News executive was so outraged by her changes that he went over her head to complain to her superiors that the two simply can’t work together.

Two articles two days apart. One cites a “senior NBC News executive” going over Turness’ head. The other says that Sanfuentes “was said to have not shared NBC News chief Deborah Turness’ vision”.

When you try to connect the dots some questions immediately rise up:

1) Was Sanfuentes the one who went over Turness’ head?
2) Did Sanfuentes leak Saturday’s article to Atkinson to torch Turness just before his departure was announced?
3) Did Atkinson just accidentally burn Sanfuentes rotten?


2 Responses to “Spot The Anonymouse…”

  1. 1 Dog bites owner.
    2 Dog found dead.

    I say, Watson…

  2. […] to be dismissed as a mere coincidence. It’s a mistake that even seasoned media writers sometimes make thinking they’ve covered their tracks without realizing that some of us are on the lookout […]

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