Phil Griffin Interview…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Marissa Guthrie interviews Phil Griffin about apologies and such. I’m actually surprised Griffin did this interview given that any intellectually honest examination of MSNBC’s recent string of public misfortune has been skewed badly out of context. This suggests MSNBC viewed this non-issue as a real issue. I still don’t agree…

“We handled them,” says Griffin. “We were transparent. That is our philosophy: Be factual, and step up when you make a mistake. And I don’t see that among our competition, whether it’s getting something wrong on a major story or when there are clear inaccuracies and they’re not corrected.”


One Response to “Phil Griffin Interview…”

  1. “And I don’t see that among our competition”
    because the MSNBC transgressions that required appology were not matters of reporting inaccuracies, but matters of despicable behavior: ………… naw, I don’t need to itemize them do I?

    No he doesn’t see that among his competition. Nobody does. Not anywhere. In any country. On earth.

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