2014 SOTU: Al Jazeera America Coverage Plans

Al Jazeera America’s 2014 SOTU plans…


Live Coverage Anchored from NY and DC to Include Immigration, Education, Guns, Jobs and Income Inequality – AJAM to Also Deliver Reaction from Around the Globe

John McCain, Bill Richardson, Mack McLarty, Larry Summers, David Stockman and Amy Kremer Among Guests

On Tuesday, January 28, beginning at 6 pm ET, Al Jazeera America’s Tony Harris, Ali Velshi, David Shuster and Richelle Carey will offer news and commentary on the State of the Union address live from New York. Guests will include Senator John McCain (R-AZ); former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; Mack McLarty, White House Chief of Staff for President Clinton; Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary under President Clinton; David Stockman, Office of Management and Budget Director under President Reagan, and Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express PAC leader.

Al Jazeera America will air special programming around the State of the Union focused on immigration, military veterans, education, the Tea Party, guns, and housing, along with a look back at previous gallery guests. “Real Money” host Ali Velshi will dive into crucial financial topics including the middle class, jobs, healthcare and student debt.

Al Jazeera America’s social editors will live blog the speech, incorporating news clips, photos and social reactions: http://alj.am/SOTU. Viewers can continue the conversation online using #SOTU, and vote in the AJAM Twitter poll: The State of the Union is _____.

At 7 pm ET, from the Newseum in Washington, DC, Al Jazeera America anchors John Seigenthaler, Joie Chen and Ray Suarez will be joined by Mike Viqueira and Libby Casey for live coverage of the president’s address, news and commentary.

At midnight, Al Jazeera America’s signature program, “America Tonight,” will take over live special coverage. AJAM’s Allen Schauffler will cover Representative Cathy McMorris (R-WA), who is delivering the Republican response. The network will also look at the president’s speech from a global perspective, with Melissa Chan covering the “Asia pivot;” Nick Schifrin from Geneva examining America’s relationship with Iran and Syria; Phil Ittner from London on the European reaction; Craig Leeson from Beijing on the Chinese, South Korean and Asian reaction; Jane Ferguson from Kabul on the US relationship with Afghanistan and Adam Raney from Cuba on how the speech was received in Latin America.

7 Responses to “2014 SOTU: Al Jazeera America Coverage Plans”

  1. For those who think AJAM is a nest of far left extremists the list of pundits listed here as analysts for the SOTU speech should be a revelation. John McCain, David Stockman, Bill Richardson, Mack McLarty, Larry Summers and Amy Kremer don’t make my list of well known liberals. Some may have worked for Democrats but none are Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

  2. as if this event merited the coverage

    POTUS holding an empty hand, SOTU this year only for those that enjoy pageantry and ritual.

    Mr. SPEAKER, Larry has gone to bed.

  3. savefarris Says:

    fritz, if FNC invited Zell Miller to their SOTU coverage, would you credit them for spanning the ideological spectrum?

    John McCain does not a balanced panel make.

  4. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    John McCain does not a balanced panel make.

    Fun fact – John McCain and George Soros had a private meal at Davos this past week.

  5. “John McCain does not a balanced panel make.”

    Take a few minutes to Google the list of pundits Farris. McCain is no liberal even by any rational standards\ but no one on the list is a liberal. Richardson is probably the closest and he’s a moderate Democrat. My point is these guests are all moderate to conservative not the far left liberals you say are the only ones appearing on AJAM.

  6. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    Fun fact – When Bill Richardson was UN Ambassador, Bill Clinton gave him his most important assignment – Find Monica a job. The idiot couldn’t even do that.

  7. Nixon - niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani Says:

    And, John McCain is an elitist cocker spaniel.

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