FNC and Bing on the SOTU…

The Washington Post’s Hayley Tsukayama writes about FNC and Bing teaming up to measure real time reaction of the SOTU…

If you want some instant State of the Union reaction that’s a little more sophisticated than just a tally of the sitting and standing in the House chamber, then consider heading over to Bing on Tuesday night.

Microsoft’s search engine is pulling out its Bing Pulse tool for the second year to record real-time audience sentiment during President Obama’s big speech. The online voting tool allows viewers to express their opinions about the speech using a smartphone, PC or tablet. Those watching the graphs generated by Bing Pulse will be able to see how viewers feel about the speech and which moments of the address generated the most votes — what Bing calls an “intensity score.” Real-time reactions from the polls will be displayed on the FOX News Channel.

This year, Microsoft is adding some new functions to the tool, including an annotated graph feature that will allow viewers to click on spikes or dips in the real-time graphs to see the issues being addressed during the speech that have prompted major reactions.

Bing will also be keeping the tool open for votes during the Republican response to the speech afterward.


One Response to “FNC and Bing on the SOTU…”

  1. They use this on SPECIAL REPORT most nights to measure audience reaction to the panel discussion, it’s fun.

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