New Changes for New Day?

FTVLive is reporting that CNN is exploring the option of moving Kate Bolduan off of New Day…

CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker is in talks with CNN’s DC Bureau Chief Sam Feist about a new role for Bolduan in DC.

New Day was a pet project for Zucker and CNN sunk millions into making a morning show that they hoped viewers would watch. They haven’t and Zucker is coming to realize that changes are needed.

It appears that Bolduan is about to be the first of those changes.

Last October I wrote the following…

Whatever problems New Day has…and it has plenty, Kate Bolduan not being up to the task isn’t one of them. Yes there is a chemistry problem between Bolduan and Cuomo and, regardless of who is or isn’t to blame for that, Bolduan will catch all the heat because she wasn’t the high priced talent Zucker poached from another network and those people never catch the blame right away whether deserved or not. It’s not fair for Bolduan but it is the way the rules are played. It’s called a pecking order for a reason you know.

If the FTVLive report is correct – and expect CNN to respond with some sort of denial to this story – it looks like the pecking order may be hard at work at The Time Warner Center…


9 Responses to “New Changes for New Day?”

  1. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Kate Bolduan is the least of New Day’s problems….

  2. Spud takes the mayonnaise jar out from under Funk & Wagonal’s front porch, and guess what? … Right again.

  3. I figured Kate Bolduan would be the first to go. She’s not even a problem but they clearly want her gone (more specifically, Chris Cuomo wants her gone).

    Jeff Zucker’s about to kill that girl’s career.

  4. Well, The bodies will stack up as Zucker becomes more Heisenberg. As long as she doesn’t trip over Roland Martin on the way out the door, she’s young enough to move on.

  5. Some one had to go. I wish it was Cuomo, but it had to be one of the main hosts. Pereira is going to stay, and thank goodness for that.

    It will be interesting to see who is Chris is paired with. Rosa Flores would be an exciting addition- but then again, if they want instant stardom, she may not be ideal. Erin McPike seems knowledgeable; she would be a good pairing, too. I just hope it isn’t Pamela Brown or her type, who seem to lack any real personality.

    It’d be nice to see Kate back in Washington- maybe her title could be Senior Congressional Correspondent, (since Bash is already the chief), and that way it wouldn’t necessarily appear as an obvious demotion to the unknowing. And give her a show; maybe carve her a show after Crossfire- a thirty minute show with her, and then that would only leave thirty minutes for Burnett. (I was hoping she wasn’t returning from maternity leave, though it seems she will be back Wednesday.)

  6. As I see it there are two problems with New Day. First the format is out of date and boring. Second Chris Cuomo is not a morning show host. Neither is easily fixed. Until they replace Cuomo and find a format that works it’s all irrelevant.

  7. It’s true that Bolduan wasn’t New Day‘s foremost problem (or second, or third…), but she also was not ready for such a high-profile role. It sucks for her that she was stuck playing second fiddle to the charmless Cuomo, but she doesn’t have any magnetism or standout appeal herself, and she didn’t develop a rapport with the other regular contributors to the show.

    Fritz is right that it’s just rearranging the deck chairs until the format is overhauled.

  8. To fix New day they need to replace Cuomo with John Berman, paint over the brick walls to bring the red down a notch, replace the glass desk with one that shows Michelea as an equal -not to the side, and do a hip format. I don’t like rick sancez but Rick’s list format /social media style done in the mornings would be good. Or go completely opposite everyone and move Wolf Blitzer to mornings and give him some side anchors of Kate and Michelea.

    It’s a real shame, because kate of course will take the brunt of it all, when Cuomo is so out of place in the mornings. What gets me about the industry is how talent value is dictated by fear. Anyone really on CNN at this rate is not “huge value” as not one of them brings in any Million point ratings. Cuomo’s move to the bottom of cnn mornings from 20/20 was really, really dumb. But personally he must feel the GMA demotion hurt and he’s trying to prove himself. He devalued himself now to such a degree that Zucker would be helping him in moving him anywhere to a night slot to make it all worth while. He would do really well in primetime as a talking head /tabloid style show based on his clear ego and talent.

  9. […] CNN tapped Brianna Keilar as CNN’s senior political correspondent. One wonders if this move is at all connected to this… […]

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