CNN Creates Half Hour Sunday PoliticsShow For John King…

CNN announced a new half hour Sunday politics show with John King…

CNN Adds Political Program to Sunday Morning Lineup

John King to Anchor “Inside Politics”

 CNN today announced that Inside Politics, anchored by chief national correspondent John King, is scheduled to premiere Sunday, Feb. 2 at 8:30 a.m., ET. The 30-minute weekend program will feature a rotating group of America’s top political reporters who will provide an insider’s look into the key stories of the week. 

“As we look ahead to the 2014 and 2016 campaigns, John is the ideal reporter to dissect the important political stories as Americans begin to think about their next president,” said Sam Feist, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief.  “John and his panel’s observations will give viewers a candid peek behind the week’s political headlines.”

“I’m honored to be part of bringing Inside Politics back to CNN, with a focus on ahead-of-the-curve political reporting,” said King.  “It’s a fascinating time in American politics, in Washington and across the country, and we have a remarkable group of journalists committed to sharing their reporting and their insights each week.”


13 Responses to “CNN Creates Half Hour Sunday PoliticsShow For John King…”

  1. I like John – I hope this show goes well. Unfortunately, today is Thursday and it is premiering Sunday; unless they push ads out on both Twitter and CNN like crazy advertising it, it will be pretty lackluster. Also, all shows on CNN Sunday repeat (SOTU, GPS, Your Money [i think]), so why not allow Reliable Sources and inside politics a repeat, too? If they don’t give Inside Politics a replay, it will have a very small audience at 8:30, given timezones.

  2. savefarris Says:

    “I’m honored to be part of bringing Inside Politics back to CNN, with a focus on ahead-of-the-curve political reporting

    Anyone wanna take dibs on how heavy this ‘ahead-of-the-curve’ political reporting panel features fresh, new faces like Donna Brazille, David Gergen, and James Carville?

  3. Working title was: SIDE STREET USA.

  4. I’ll watch this as Candy is off my diet.

  5. John King is okay but the way he always asks and answers his own questions gets a little annoying. The show should be titled: “Asking and answering your own questions, with John King…while playing with graphic boards”.

  6. Can’t say I’d watch any show with King hosting. I remember his last CNN show.

  7. “Will fritz watch my new show? Well, when you bring up the ICN comments section over here on my magic wall you can see that no, no he won’t.” – John King

  8. I can’t help but think this is history repeating itself two-fold, between State of the Union and John King USA.

    Is something magical going to happen this time that King will master anchoring, or attract an audience?

  9. That was hilarious, Lonestar

  10. I think King was doing fine on STATE OF THE UNION and then got promoted to a job beyond his competence.*

    *see The Peter Principle

  11. Grandpa Dave Says:

    There seems to be a trend at CNN – maybe elsewhere – to 30 minute shows. Good? Bad? I don’t know.

  12. “Good? Bad? I don’t know.”

    ^^OK if you doing headline news. To discuss and analyse politics, not so much.

  13. I thought the trend was bringing back old shows … then bring back CNN style and Late Edition. They are doing 30 minute show about politics before an hour long show about politics.

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