Deirdre Bolton to FBN?

Business Insider’s Julia La Roche writes that Bloomberg’s Deirdre Bolton is headed to FBN…(via J$)

Today was Bloomberg TV anchor Deirdre Bolton’s last day at Bloomberg, Business Insider has learned.

She’s headed to Fox Business Network, according a source who will remain anonymous.

4 Responses to “Deirdre Bolton to FBN?”

  1. When the dust finally settles there will be FBN and two has-been business channels. Sound familiar?

  2. I doubt that, FBN does not even a business news show on 6am-9am. 9:20-11am is mostly Varney complaining about the President while CNBC is doing business news.

  3. Varney is the highest rated show on FBN so I’ve heard

  4. motownman Says:

    Will the last person to leave Bloomberg please turn out the lights?

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