FBN Dominoes…

TVNewser’s Merril Knox scooped this morning that FBN would be slotting Maria Bartiromo at 9am and then goes on to detail all the other dominoes that will fall as a result of that…

With Bartiromo going on the air at 9amET, “Imus in the Morning” will end 20 minutes earlier. “Varney & Co.,” which currently airs from 9:20 to 11amET, will slide to 11am to 1pmET. “Markets Now,” FBN’s four-hour block helmed by a rotating cast of FBN anchors, will be condensed to one hour and will air from 1pmET-2pmET.

Fox Business has also announced the hire of Dierdre Bolton, who joins the network after 15 years at Bloomberg TV. When Bolton officially joins FBN later this year, she will take over the 1pmET hour with an as-yet-unnamed show.

As much as I like these moves, I cannot take FBN’s ambitions completely seriously as long as Imus has a presence on the channel blocking 95% of the overseas and early morning market coverage FBN should ideally be doing if it really wants to take down CNBC.

8 Responses to “FBN Dominoes…”

  1. The old guy includes market reporters and spot financial reports and gives an early morning start to the network with an edge that has worked half a century… and Spud wants him put out to pasture.

  2. Maria B. made her Factor debut tonight. It looked like Bill has a little crush on her.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    The only thing I’d take issue with is Varney & Co. is more of a political show with Varney complaining about Obama than an actual business news show. Does FBN really want an opinion host on 11am-1pm?

    At least 11am-3pm Markets Now was more business news and discussion than politics.

  4. Yeah, not sure about the move of Varney. In a better world, Varney would have a morning show before Bartiromo’s.

    I wonder which anchors will remain on Markets Now.

  5. bushleaguer Says:

    Great point, icemannyr…..Varney’s show is too political for that time slot. They’ll need to get him to do straight market/financial reporting.

  6. motownman Says:

    Looks like the big losers in this are Dagen McDowell and Cheryl Casone. Hopefully, Maria’s Sunday show on FNC won’t cur into Jamie Colby’s air time.

  7. Great moves love it. Love Maria, Love Varney and Really I will live and die an Imus FAN! I just hope they keep Dagan, she’s such a keeper.

  8. The network’s clever move was to bring Imus on board as the lead in to the programming day…I’d never consider looking for FBN without Imus getting me through the door.

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