CNN Kills “AC360 Later”

TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton writes that CNN has killed off the not too frequently seen “AC360 Later”…

CNN’s “AC360 Later” and Jay Leno have something in common: they’ve both signed off for the last time. Staffers were informed this morning the 10pm news chat show will not be coming back. CNN tells TVNewser no layoffs are expected.


2 Responses to “CNN Kills “AC360 Later””

  1. A shame.

    Could this be the time slot awarded to either Kate Bolduan (if she is to be moved from New Day, which I believe she will) or the timeslot for Bill Weir, who joined as Chief Innovation Correspondent and a nighttime host, even though I’ve hardly seen him on CNN since his hire?

  2. bushleaguer Says:

    Yeah, I liked the format. Could have been a good show.

    If they are planning on taking Bolduan out from New Day, giving her a 10pm show would be a move that would keep her stature and thus keep her happy (moving her back to being a congressional correspondent would be a demotion) but I doubt it would happen.

    I’d like to see them stick with new programming but I have a feeling that the AC360 reruns will return with an occasional documentary tossed in.

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