CNN’s Unhealthy Michael Dunn Obsession…

CNN has been practically wall to wall so far this morning covering the Michael Dunn murder trial. You can be excused if you hadn’t heard the name of Michael Dunn until today. I hadn’t. I suppose CNN is hoping to get a ‘Trayvon’ style ratings bump with this coverage or something but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me since the trial started last week but CNN is only going wall to wall now.

Meanwhile all sorts of major news stories are getting shafted while CNN doggedly pursues the sensational. Feel free to list them all in the comments…you know…to remind CNN what it is supposed to be doing


5 Responses to “CNN’s Unhealthy Michael Dunn Obsession…”

  1. “you know…to remind CNN what it is supposed to be doing”

    Eh, the last time I looked a cable network’s only job was to get high ratings. Crime porn is one way to do that.

  2. ^ some argue AJAM has loftier goals, though I suspect sinister ones.

  3. Marque on this one:
    “They killed Trayvon for the way he dressed.
    They killed Jordan for his music”.

    Bright lights plus Stand Your Ground is a formula for Sharpton, Grace, outrage, and of course ratings. Here comes Zucker and he is hungry.

  4. Dylan Byers @DylanByers
    Between MSNBC’s Olympics coverage and CNN’s odd courtroom trial it should be noted that Fox News is the only channel with *news* right now.

  5. Olympics broadcasts give MSNBC it’s best ratings always , and since there’s no NBC SN 2 they use it

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