Free for All: 02/13/14

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  1. savefarris Says:

    “phony scandal”:

    Yeah, but someone who worked for Chris Christie wrote an email about a bridge closing once, so let’s focus on THAT!!!

  2. ^Well, I’d like a more objective source but if that’s true it’s pretty, as Tom Daschle used to say, disappointing.

    Liberals keep mixing “flagged” for audting with the actual auditing. The fact that liberal 501(c)(4) groups were also “flagged” didn’t mean they were actually audited. A process that can be costly and timely.

    It’s two different matters.

    Sure, groups across the spectrum abuse this exemption. But why were only (apparently) conservative groups actually audited?

    This sure doesn’t look like a boating accident (Jaws reference).

  3. Diane Macedo ‏@dianermacedo 11m
    Tomorrow will be my last day at FBN. Off to WCBS to anchor weekend mornings & report on weekdays. So grateful to both Fox and CBS.
    Congratulations to Diane!!!
    Hopefully she’ll be continuing her singing career.

  4. What you have in the NJ scandal are investigative agencies with no interest in protecting the Governor. What you have in the IRS scandal is Eric Holder’s DOJ. If ever a special consul appointment was needed, there it is… well, maybe Benghazi.

  5. If only that was how bias worked:

    “I have never seen anyone at CNN ever say, boy, here’s how we’re going to deal with this today to put this guy down and elevate this guy up. I’ve never seen it,” King said Wednesday.

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  6. Yet another politician indicted. Yet another chance to play “Guess that Party!”

  7. Surprised at the news that Diane is going to anchor weekend moorings for WCBS TV. I thought the current female anchor pair were good but I guess WCBS believes otherwise.

  8. and MEDIATE notices:

    De Blasio Responds to Roker: Different ‘to Run a City’ Than ‘Give the Weather on TV’

  9. The CNN pundit defending De Blasio is a dummy. There’s only one call to make. Every other school system around NYC made the call.

    It’s ALWAYS better to error on the side of caution than error on the side of danger. NYC doesn’t want to close schools because they want to go on TV, say they don’t ever close schools “for an inch of snow” so they can mock DC and “prove” they’ve got bigger dicks – for lack of a better way of putting it.

    We’re not talking about an inch of snow this time.

    Also, the NWS nailed it. But it’s become commonplace for governments to blame the NWS when they screw up.

  10. CNN’s Kelly Wallace, reacting to the dust up between Roker and de Blasio, noted that it is easy for those with the means to criticize the mayor, but that many lower-income New Yorkers with children do depend on the schools to manage their kids while they are at work.

    This is the problem with the education right here – people like Kelly Wallace who think public schools are socialized day care centers. How is it better for low-income people with children to have schools close in the middle of the day while they’re at work and can’t get them instead of closing schools in the morning so said worker can call out?

  11. Sadly in a lot of cases the difference is between the kids being on their own a half day or a whole day.

  12. I get that there are poor people with kids. I raise holy hell when they close schools here because it’s too cold and the rick kids’ parents don’t want their kid waiting for a school bus for two minutes. Don’t want your kids in school, keep them home.

    There’s a difference between cold weather and dangerous, impassable roads.

    No matter what, people are going to complain. Schools just need to exercise common sense.

  13. savefarris Says:

    Schools just need to exercise common sense.

    A government-run operation exercising common sense?!? GOOD ONE!!!

    Here in Crawfish Country, I’m pretty sure the only reason we closed for the last storm is because we had leftover Hurricane days budgeted into the school schedule that didn’t get used. If we had incurred a repeat like everyone else, I’m guessing you’d see Atlanta Part Deux.

  14. In my towns the superintendents of schools makes the call. Why turn that over to a mayor is puzzling. Maybe there is no such thing in NYC?

  15. My school district is called SWITZERLAND OF OHIO. And believe me that’s for a reason. If they didn’t close the schools, busses would be falling off cliffs.

  16. Fun quote of the day:
    “If Reid or [Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell conspire again to hide live vote tallies from the public, I assure you that the press will call them out,” Taylor tweeted. “As it happened, the media was so excited to have something interesting to watch it forgot that [it] was getting screwed. Never again.”

  17. HLN is funny. After deciding to change the schedule and not be Court TV and canceling HLN After Dark HLN has turned into Court TV again.
    They are preempting taped programming as they wait for a verdict in the Dunn trial.

  18. The problem in NYC is that they ran out of places to put the snow weeks ago. So today’s storm is just ontop of existing snow and ice. It’s hard to walk, it’s impossible to park, and that was all before today! The new snow and rain is just making the existing mess that much worse.

  19. Putting those Citi Bike racks on the side of the street was not smart because they can’t plow around them.

  20. savefarris Says:

    Nobel prize winning Constutional scholar takes the President to task for “trying to bring more and more power into the Executive Branch and not go[ing] through Congress at all”.

  21. Howard Dean this morning on MJ tells all the NYC whiners to take it easy. That the snowstorm they just went through was not life threatening. That the storm that hit Georgia was since kids were stuck on school buses overnight. Harold Ford Jr. says, but, but, but a woman was killed! Howard didn’t want to get in a fight with Harold so he moved on to saying the NYC Mayor shouldn’t have gotten in a twitter war with Al Roker. The other lesson is don;t cancel school in the middle of the day, especially when they cancelled it the snow had stopped and it was already warming up.

    A few facts. A woman was killed – tragic. But, she was 46 years old and at the grocery store stocking up on supplies. Seems weird to me to be stocking up on supplies after the storm is in on top of you. She had plenty of notice that a bad storm was coming. This was just a tragic accident and the NYC folks need to get a grip about how “BAD” things are!

    FYI: I have two children who live in Manhattan now, who grew up in Wisconsin, and they tell me all the time that people overreact to the snow. They both have to walk to the subway and then walk after the subway to get to their jobs and they tell me you put on your boots, hat, mittens and heavy jacket and you are just fine.

  22. Chuck Todd sPent the first 15 minutes of his show talking about the chances for the dems to take over the house. He admitted that it wasn’t likely but I can’t believe that he still spent that much time talking about something that has 0% chance of happening

  23. I liked the part where Chuck asked Luke Russert whether Dems really believed they had a chance, and Luke said when you take them aside and “give the some truth serum” they admit it would take a miracle.

  24. A miracle – then they proceeded to seriously discuss leadership roles if the miracle were to occur. What was the point of that segment?

  25. Fantasy politics league.

  26. savefarris Says:

    Remember folks: it’s not fair to use the latest rash of snowstorms to poo-pooh global warming. I mean, those are just random weather events and are not evidence of anything.

    You CAN, however, use the CA drought as proof of global warming.

    I’ll believe we have a crisis when the people who claim we’re having a crisis start acting like they’re in a crisis.

  27. Todd asked a climatologist this morning if the California drought was cuz ClimateChange™. Answer: no evidence of that. Then, Chuck punched his guest in the face and banned him from 30 Rock forevah!

  28. Love that trademark.

  29. Becuz Republicinz r stoopid?

  30. Meredith Vieira to Make NBC Olympics History
    Bob Costas’ bad fortune will result in history tonight as Meredith Vieira becomes the first woman to anchor NBC’s Olympic primetime coverage. “I’m really worried because I have to host primetime tonight…I’m filling in for Mr. C,” Vieira said in a phone call to “Today” this morning. “It’s an honor to fill in for him. You think about the Olympics, and you think the athletes and then Bob Costas.”

    Matt Lauer had to throw in the towel on doing it all.

  31. An extra half hour of Brianna on CNN at 6:30pm.
    Doug McKelway is subbing on Special Report.

  32. DirecTV a nice source for watching the Olympics. Email I received just now from them:

    “So that you may fully experience the Sochi Olympic games, DIRECTV is providing a one-time FREE trial of NBC Sports Network (Channel 220) through February 23. Watch live coverage of figure skating, hockey, skiing, and more.

    You can see all the coverage of the Olympic Winter Games in one convenient place with the DIRECTV SPORTSMIX® – Channel 205. Plus, get Team USA updates, medal counts, and more just by pushing the RED button on your remote.”

  33. Sports is the only reason I still pay for satellite. DirecTv’s sports programming is awesome. They always have multiple channels devoted to the big events – March Madness, Masters, US Open, etc.

  34. So… we have Charter Cable in the Madison area. Have just been notified I have to get a set top box for ALL my TVs. Thinking about changing to Direct or Dish. Any thought which one would be better?

  35. I’ve had DirecTV at my cabin since 1999 when I bought the equipment and put up the dish myself. People used to do that 🙂
    I’ve found the product, support, and service excellent. I recommend them. Can’t say the save for HughesNet, my satellite internet service. If you sign up with DirecTV, mention my name and I’ll split the hundred buck referral reward with you 🙂

  36. Does anyone remember when MSNBC had a bunch of boxes going down the side of the screen during their newscasts (back in 2006 I believe). FOX Sports is doing the same thing for NASCAR. It’s horrendously annoying. The leaderboard runs down the entire side of the screen.

  37. Thanks Larry!

  38. “@Mediaite: Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Fox News for Accidentally Airing Live Suicide”

  39. RELIABLE SOURCES this morning on Missouri football star coming out and only positive reports being expressed because of risk of blowback by pressure groups and media. I saw that with a Kent State wrestler I’ve watched since high school get clobbered for his tweet that rose to the attention of HuffPo. He got suspended indefinitely.

  40. Smerconish made his first CNN appearance this morning on RELIABLE SOURCES. So careful to cover all bases he puts the outfield to sleep.

  41. Micro-aggression is the newest beef for liberals. You sneeze wrong too many times and liberals say you are being aggressive with your sneeze droplets and they are offended and you must stop sneezing.

  42. Climate change is a weapon of mass destruction (according to John Kerry).

    My goodness we are going off the deep end here, aren’t we? I am guessing the smartest man in the world told him that was a good line. So, who specifically is in charge of this weapon of mass destruction?

    India and China are putting out more CO2s than we are these days. So, are they in charge of this weapon? Accordingly, why the hell are we worried about Syria and their weapons!

  43. Weapon of mass distraction.

  44. Teastamony today that Obama’s EPA CO2 regulations take the cost of electricity up 70% to 80% — without making a dent in the problem given the other countries energy use. Factor that into your budget.

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