The Sunday World has an uncredited…

…let me repeat that….


…article stating that Piers Morgan could face repercussions at CNN over being interviewed “under caution” over the phone hacking scandal.

The Sunday World is an Irish tabloid…

…let me repeat that…

…an Irish tabloid…

CNN talk show host and former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan’s contract with the U.S. broadcaster is in jeopardy after his questioning by has been questioning under caution by the Metropolitan Police over phone hacking.

Do note the badly mis-formatted sentence above…

The conservative and ethically sensitive CNN which proudly holds its standards in high esteem is likely to suspend the journalist and presenter who has made a €64m fortune while many of his former colleagues have been under the cosh of an intensive investigation into phone hacking by the News of the World and the Sunday Mirror.

That CNN is sensitive is putting it mildly. It runs away like the plague leaving staffers twisting in the wind over the slightest negative self-inflicted wound…unless you are juiced in with the corporate parent and have a Sunday show in which case you are safe

Nontheless, it is this aversion to risk combined with the fact that this interview took place last year…

…let me repeat that…

…last year…

…which makes the Sunday World’s article a total joke. CNN had to have already been made aware of this interview and all that happened during it by Team Morgan…because it would be starting a time bomb to not make them aware. Ergo, today’s “revelation” is already baked in and CNN is going to do nothing based on this news and the Sunday World is just making mischief…or…speculating wildly without having a clue about what’s going on. Pick one… (via J$)

2 Responses to “Bullcrap…”

  1. Send that snooty Brit Morgan back to the UK, and take the froggy chef Bourdain with him.

  2. Now listen very carefully… NEVER trust the Irish!

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