What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominatinos for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


13 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. HOT: Comcast Time-Warner merger. Why does this make the hairs on my back stand up? Will go though with friend in high places.
    HOT: HLN the social media news network. Hot idea until it flops.
    HOT: MSNBC still keeps the NJ bridge ratings burning. Go figure?

    NOT: Michael Smerconish to CNN. Wasn’t hot where he was. won’t be hot where he goes.
    NOT: Michael Dunn trial, though not by the overdone CNN effort.

  2. How in hell could this get past the DOJ and the FCC if they wouldn’t let Sprint and ATT merge? If this were to go thru, and I think not, what’s stopping United to merge with American Airlines, or Ford and GM to merge, or Google and Apple. It is beyond comprehension that, despite connections in high places, the two regulators would let the two largest cable companies to merge establishing a monopoly in 60% of American homes.

  3. However, they will only have but 30% of total subscribers with no overlap. it goes through.

  4. NOT: CNN’s Don Lemon screaming and cursing during their coverage of Michael Dunn trial. He’s either auditioning for an MSNBC show or a late-primetime weekday show on CNN.

    NOT: HLN doesn’t leave its tape-program to cover the jury’s verdict or the jury’s new questions, even though it covered it heavily during the week. Instead, it tweets to watch Lemon’s coverage on CNN. Seems like a big mistake to me, sister network or not.

  5. HOT: CNN has preempted an hour and a half (as of when I post) of tape. I’m impressed… CNN likes their tape; I’m not a fan of Lemon’s commentary, but I’m happy CNN still preempts for news as it happens.

  6. NOT HOT: FOX SPORTS 1. I’m going to end up throwing my TV through a window that is closed before the Daytona 500 even gets here.

  7. HOT: Al Roker lights up NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio for not closing schools when he should have – then closing after storm began, putting kids at risk.

    NOT: CNN sides with De Blasio because poor parents can’t afford daycare. Because the abrupt decision to close schools after the storm began somehow made poor parents magically be able to afford daycare.

  8. HOT: Piers Morgan nails it.

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
    THE JURY’S VERDICT > #MichaelDunn attempted to murder the kids he didn’t kill, but didn’t murder the kid he did kill. #farce

    NOT HOT: Florida. Guess it’s open season on defenseless children.

  9. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: Comcast / Time Warner Merger (By a huge margin).
    HOT: Michael Smerconish to CNN.

    NOT: HLN, CNBC moving toward more ‘Social Media’.
    NOT: CNN wall to wall with Michael Dunn.

  10. jeauxjeaux720 Says:

    Hot-The lovely Joanne Nosuchinsky who was selected to be the new permanent panelist on Fox’s “Red Eye”. She is very young (25); with more time/experience could get increased airtime on the channel discussing pop culture & issues affecting “millenials”.

  11. Not: Gregg Jarrett ‏acting like a child on twitter with juvenile insults to Don Lemon.

  12. Hot: Greg Jarret being correct

  13. I side with Bricko on this one…

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