What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/16/14

What’s Hot:

Michael Smerconsish – Smerconish joins CNN and will host a Saturday show…

Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable – It was an expected move but it had everyone talking once the news was announced.

Gregg Jarrett vs. Don Lemon – A word to the wise…never engage a lawyer over court coverage when you aren’t a lawyer. And never engage a cable cable news anchor with a network known for hitting back…hard. This fight was over in the first round.

What’s Not:

HLN: Social Media Network – HLN announced its latest rebranding of the past few years and this one will be centered around Social Media. Good luck with that…

CNN = Court News Network – CNN went off the deep end…yet again…covering the Michael Dunn trial. What made this particular court case a little different from other court cases CNN has gone off the deep end on was that the network hadn’t been keeping this case in the news in the weeks prior to the case getting started.

David Faber – Did CNBC’s Faber break an embargo to report the Comcast/Time Warner Cable news?

Me too, me too! – Does FBN’s announcement of a new taped series indicate that it’s going to follow CNBC into the world of business tape in primetime? We shall see…


5 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/16/14”

  1. Smerconish will make Saturdays TV even less exciting, and don’t look for Greg Jarrett boxing matches.

  2. This was a slow news week and this shows it!

    Michael Smerconish at the top of the list?

  3. maybe Spud’s a fan

  4. savefarris Says:

    Matthews leading with … Christie.


  5. Anyone else find it peculiar Anderson has been off of CNN for at least a week? (I think a week and a half, but not positive.) John Berman has been pulling INSANE hours… Early Start at 5est, This Hour at 11est, and AC360 at 8est? I imagine he goes home or something in between This Hour and 360, but that’s just a guess. Either way, that’s a ton of hours for him! He does very well filling in during primetime (better than anderson? Lol). Anderson signed a new contract until 2017-2018 (I think), so I assume it stipulates primetime in there… Would 10pm still satisfy that? If so, I think it would be nice to move AC360 to 10pm. Give Berman the 8pm, and a different style… and give someone else 5am early start.

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