Bob Casale: July 14, 1952 – February 17, 2014

Anyone who figured out why I picked the alias I picked knows that I am very sad today. Bob #2 died today and with him went one of the most under-appreciated, unheralded, inspirational, ahead-of-their-time bands ever.

The ignorant long ago pigeon holed DEVO as either a novelty act because of the way they dressed or a one hit wonder because all they can remember is “Whip It”. But those who paid attention saw a band that was at the musical forefront in the late 70s and early 80s, a band that saw the future of video before MTV and integrated video into their live performances decades before most bands embraced the technology. DEVO went unplugged before unplugged became trendy.

The band that David Bowie once introduced as “The band of the future” belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I doubt the nabobs in the Hall have the foresight to ever put them in but we Spuds who got to hear their records and see them live know the truth…

We are all DEVO…


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