Blogus Interruptus

Heading down to LA for the weekend. Blogging resumes Sunday evening sometime…


6 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus”

  1. pack an extra snorkel just in case.

  2. savefarris Says:

    ICN: World Ends! Snorkeling trip still on!

  3. I’ll warn the guys at Leisure Pro…

  4. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: Snorkeling the Los Angeles River.

  5. NOT: If Prime Minister of Canada were smart, he’d have bet the Keystone pipeline on the hockey games.

    I’m not sure who we’re to blame for our Olympic debacle: George W. Bush or the recalcitrant Republican Congress. Hopefully, MSNBC will tell me tonight between Update 812 and 813 to Bridgegate.

  6. Picturing Spud in an Escape from LA snake plissken eyepatch and a DEVO energy dome hat.

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