Reality Distortion Field?

TVNewser’s Merril Knox notes an interview that Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave to E TV. This part jumped out at me…

“I think the greatest thing about where I am now is my opinion really doesn’t matter as much as maybe it did in a debate forum.”


Is she serious?

Of course her opinion matters…more so than it ever did on The View where she was constantly marginalized by the other liberals on the panel. She was hired, deliberately, to address a particular demographic on a show which FNC execs constantly remind us isn’t a news show and thus is supposedly exempt from news show standards (inarguably B.S…but whatever)…a show which caters to a specific Point of View.

Hasselbeck’s opinion absolutely matters. If she fell off the couch and landed on her head and forgot her conservative leanings and suddenly started spouting liberal ideology…well…things would become increasingly uncomfortable for her rather quickly.

To argue otherwise is either A) a fool’s errand, or, B) self-delusional.


3 Responses to “Reality Distortion Field?”

  1. This deserves it’s own segment?

    Okay then.

    No comment.

  2. To say she was marginalized “by the “other” liberals on the panel” suggests she is a liberal. She was marginalized by liberals on the View panel and mercilessly. Now that she is among “friends”, her conservative opinion is only one of many, NOT the only one, so I get where she is coming from.

    Doesn’t seem to me to be a crazy, out of bounds statement. But, when you got a bone that needs picking, you find an “E” interview to pick on. Just my opinion!

  3. Point taken. I could have worded that better…

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