Jeff Zucker and Rick Kaplan…

FTVLive has a story on a meeting between Jeff Zucker and Rick Kaplan…

Many wondered what the former failed CNN President was doing talking to the current failing CNN President?

CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker was talking to Kaplan about struggling morning show ‘New Day.’

Without a doubt, New Day has been Zucker’s biggest failure so far at CNN. The network spent millions of dollars on the show and it has flopped.

Word is that Zucker is contemplating taking Executive Producer Jim Murphy off the show.

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6 Responses to “Jeff Zucker and Rick Kaplan…”

  1. Despondent man meets up in a bar with his wife’s first husband: “Can I buy you a beer, Rick?”

  2. And removing only the EP does what? Lol

  3. […] “New Day”: CNN boss consulting former CNN boss on making CNN work. [Inside Cable News] […]

  4. […] “New Day”: CNN boss consulting former CNN boss on making CNN work. [Inside Cable News] […]

  5. bushleaguer Says:

    Allan – replacing the Executive Producer of New Day could do a lot if he/she will have editorial discretion.

    There’s been a lot of rumors about changing the hosts (Kate Bolduan the likely candidate) but I’m of the opinion that their problem is not the hosts but the content. I think they need to find a balance of straight news and lighter fare.

  6. My point was they should move their hosts around, too. While the content is the problem, so too is the animosity between Kate and Chris.

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