Miles O’Brien’s Forearm Loss…

Former CNNer, Miles O’Brien; one of the good guys and a loss that CNN still has yet to recover from inflicting upon itself all those years ago, blogs a scary tale that resulted in an amputation…

I wish I had a better story to tell you about why I am typing this with one hand (and some help from Dragon Dictate).

A shark attack would be interesting. An assassination attempt would be intriguing. Skydiving mishaps always make for good copy. An out-of-control quad copter that turns on its master would be entertaining (and would come complete with a grim, potentially viral, video).

No, the reason I am now one-handed is a little more prosaic than those scenarios.

You can read about what happened to O’Brien at his site. I’m amazed at the attitude he seems to be projecting here. I don’t think I could have handled it this well…

So I woke up to a new reality in the hospital. It’s been a challenging week dealing with the phantom pain, the vicissitudes of daily life with one hand and the worries about what lies ahead.

But I am alive and I’m grateful for that. Please don’t worry about me. I’m sure I can cope just fine. If I need your help, I promise I will ask.

Life is all about playing the hand that is dealt you. Actually, I would love somebody to deal me another hand right about now – in more ways than one.


3 Responses to “Miles O’Brien’s Forearm Loss…”

  1. Wishing him the best!

  2. Oh sorry Miles! Hoping for a speedy rehab.. I really miss you on CNN. They made a huge mistake..

  3. Unbelievable story. Miles has a great attitude. God bless him.

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