Free for All: 02/26/14

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26 Responses to “Free for All: 02/26/14”

  1. What is it with pundits and hosts using the word “more” incorrectly. I just saw Sam Stein say something was “more easier”; and it’s not the first time I’ve heard guests and hosts misuse the word on MSNBC and other networks. Using “more’ in front of words like easier, simpler, happier, calmer etc. just sounds grating.

    End of rant.

  2. Right now MSNBC talking about racism…. CNN talking about racism…. everybody’s a f****** racist of these people. I can’t even get in my car to go to work; turn on satellite radio; without hearing that everybody is a racist

  3. Anyone have any thoughts on the best laptop cooling pad/fan?

    I’d like to keep it under $30 or so.

  4. Are these things even necessary? I’ve never found a laptop I’ve owned that had an overheating problem. I remember Dell replacing fans and some batteries because of overheating during my IT career, but unless someone covered one up by accident, nothing demanding add-on protection, Erich.

  5. savefarris Says:

    I never had an issue w/ cooling, but I did short out my RAM by keeping my laptop on the armrest of an upholstered chair. The static electricity from constantly wiggling around led to a buildup that eventually crashed the computer.

    The solution? A copy of a 2009 Kraft Food & Family magazine. Never had any problems since!!!

  6. “Right now MSNBC talking about racism…. CNN talking about racism….”
    CNN, FNC and MSNBC are giving their audience what they want.
    CNN and MSNBC do more stories on AZ and Race while FNC does more stories on Obamacare and the scandals.

    AJA is one of the few places you can get an actual news cast with reporting from the field.

  7. The racism of lack of media outrage:

    Media outrage was at a peak when President Obama was ready to take us to war when Syrian children were gassed. Is that because they were white and black children aren’t as valued? Or it’s that Muslims just do that stuff?

  8. I understand that Ted Nugent’s dog goes tricks and might make a great CNN guest:

  9. You guys just don’t want me to buy anything ’cause it might help the Obama economy.

    Not. Fooling. Me.

    It’s overheating and shutting down.

    More than four years old so it might be on its last legs. Sort of day-to-day.

    But aren’t we all?

  10. Please tell me your hard drive isn’t suffering from a bulging disc…


  11. Make sure its fan is working Erich. They do die and usually are replaceable.

  12. bushleaguer Says:

    Erich – ditto on what larry said…….check to make sure that the fan is working and that the casing isn’t clogged up with dust.

    You can get a decent cooling fan at Staples or wherever and you don’t need to spend more than $20 for something that will do the job. I had a hard drive “burn out” due to overheating and have used a cooling fan ever since.

  13. Does anyone know if the Cronkite Award for Journalism is also given out by the Nobel Committee?

  14. Clearing out the fans and exit ports from dust is a really good place to start.

    How long is it taking to overheat and shut down? The shorter the time, the more likely it’s a bigger issue than a cooling pad will fix.

  15. Memory tells me our company had one Dell notebook model that was overheating and Dell had us upgrade the BIOS as the software was not running the fan long enough at a high enough speed to cool the computer properly. That did fix the problem on those units. Not so lucky were our 50 GX260 Dell desktop PCS that overheated because of bad capacitors requiring motherboard replacement.

  16. Thank God! The rumor of Piers being replaced with Rosie is false.

  17. Funniest Al Sharpton video you’ll see all day.

  18. Glenn Beck explains what Sharton is doing:

    The latest New York Times/CBS poll has interesting nuggets.

    President Obama remains in the doldrums with only 41 percent approval and a significant margin disapproving of his handling of the economy (57 percent) and foreign policy (48 disapproval to 39 percent approval). Overall, 59 percent pronounce themselves somewhat or very disappointed in Obama. Only 6 percent think Obamacare is working well and should be kept in place while 42 percent want to junk the whole thing and 50 percent say it needs changes.

    LARRY SHOUTS “he latest New York Times/CBS poll has interesting nuggets!”

  19. For all you Tommy fans:
    “@betsyscribeindc: An exit interview (of sorts) with Mediaite’s @tommyxtopher.”

  20. Never Forget:

    @DanAbrams (3/26/12):

    uh oh. New Romney gaffe. He just called Russia the “number one geopolitical foe” of the United States. @wolfblitzer called him out.

  21. “@NoahCRothman: Russia only wants Crimea. Let them have it, and we’ll have peace in our time.…”

  22. savefarris Says:

    remember folks: she’s a stupid airhead who’s uniquely UN-qualified based on her idiocy…

  23. she should host SNL just to flip liberals the bird.

  24. Puttin was heard to say at the Olympics, “that dog Obama only knows one trick, roll-over and played dead”.

  25. savefarris Says:

    Clint Eastwood was right about President EmptyChair:

    Remember when Bush went to a fundraiser the day after Katrina and the media tore him a new one? Nice to see them applying the same standards…

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