What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/02/14

What’s Hot:

Maria Bartiromo – Bartiromo’s FBN debut began this week and the FBN PR machine showed it was in perfect working order as a bunch of Bartiromo pieces appeared.

MSNBC Debuts – Ronan Farrow Daily and The Reid Report debuted this week. Ratings have been weak but lets not rush to judgement…

Piers Morgan – The experiment is over. Piers Morgan’s CNN show is coming to an end.

Ukraine – All eyes focussed squarely on Ukraine after Russia put troops on the ground in the Crimea.

CNN in Indonesia – CNN will be launching an Indonesian channel.

What’s Not:

Rush to Judgement – Or not. While my views on Ronan Farrow Daily are now well known, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to bury the show at this point. And yet, the nattering nabobs are tap dancing all over Ronan Farrow Daily’s (and The Reid Report’s) graves because of the anemic ratings they have generated. It is wayyyyy too early to be reading anything into the ratings.

FNC and Hannity – FNC refusing to do anything about Sean Hannity’s Tea Party fundraising emails is a dark stain on the network.

Don’t cut off Bernard Golberg – Or he’ll show his displeasure…

New Day Woes – New Day must be in trouble if Jeff Zucker is consulting with Rick Kaplan…the man he forced out as President of MSNBC allegedly because of a turf war/fight over the direction and control of MSNBC.

6 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/02/14”

  1. Jeff and Rick. Rachael and Roger. It’s all pro wraslin’ ain’t it?

  2. “Ukraine – All eyes focussed squarely on Ukraine after Russia put troops on the ground in the Crimea.”

    ^^There maybe a lot of eyes focused on Ukraine but not much actual knowledge is being spouted by the hundreds of ‘experts’ and political hacks appearing on cable news.

    No one actually knows what Putin thinks or how this situation will play out; but that hasn’t stopped pundits from endlessly speculating on the subject.

    By shear luck a few foreign affairs experts may guess the outcome correctly but then someone usually wins the lottery every week. The politicians and pundits using this tragedy to call the POTUS names on the other hand are just pitiful fools.

  3. paminwi Says:

    What Putin thinks is he wants some semblance of the old USSR back. He will use an invasion, financial pressure, etc to get what he wants.

    And now, it looks like China has no problem with what is going on, so the UN, as usual, will have no impact on anything. Russia and China will use what ever means necessary to help weaken (note I use the word help) the US as they pursue their own goals.

    As Mike Rogers said, Putin is playing chess and we are playing marbles. As CNN tries to say that Obama is outsmarting Russia.

    Huh? Really CNN?

  4. I think a good name for Obama might be “Rover”. Putin thinks that Obama has but one trick: roll over and play dead. Hitler once said to judge whether proceed by thrusting a bayonet at your opponent. If your feel mush, proceed. If you feel steel, retreat. Obama’s perceived weakness has made the Russian bear bold.

  5. Good pictorial description of the Putin/Obama comparison!

  6. Thanks for confirming the point I was making in my comment Pam.

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