Horrible Timing…

Sunny Hostin put out a tweet this morning announcing a new 10pm CNN court show eith Mark Geragos that starts next Monday…(via J$)

The secret is out! Making the Case w/ Sunny Hostin & @markgeragos debuts on Monday, March 10th at 10pm @CNN Spread the word!! #savethetape

Horrible horrible planning and timing by Jeff Zucker. All hell is breaking loose in Ukraine and he slots a court show for Monday primetime.


7 Responses to “Horrible Timing…”

  1. Bad timing as far as Ukraine goes, sure. But CNN needed something at 10pm – a legal show it is. (If you think about it, maybe that’s telling about the 9pm slot. Making the Case isn’t a news show, no, but goes off of the headlines… maybe Zucker will move away from the failed talk show format, as some have suggested he may).

    At any rate, Mark Geragos is a horrible analyst and a horrible contributor, so it is a shame CNN picked him to co-host it. I like Sunny well enough, though.

  2. But Spud it’s MARK GERAGOS! And the blade runner trail has just started in SA And it’s on video. WOW! 🙂

  3. trail>>trial Sorry

  4. Viewing public will have had their fill of Ukraine by then.

  5. CNN Commentary an hour ago
    Making the Case, it is only on Mondays, and is only on a five-week trial period. (And it is at 10:30; Sunny Hostin was said to have been wrong when she tweeted the time.)

  6. I love Texas? It’s always sunny in Hostin.

  7. Don Lemon has a show at 10pm starting Monday.

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