Alisyn Camerota Out at FNC…

This is going to piss some people off. Carpe Diem is on suicide watch. A run on tin foil is occurring thanks to Johnny Dollar (inside joke). Somewhere Malone is throwing darts at a picture of Roger Ailes (an even more inside joke going all the way back to my TVHeads days…all hailz to DT!)

Obviously, lots of questions arise about the suddenness and timing of this news. Was it mutual? Was it FNC’s decision (which would trigger another round of questions about the hour Camerota co-anchored)? One thing it was not was an impending move by Camerota to CNN. No way FNC gives Camerota the kind of send off that she got in Bill Shine’s memo if Camerota was immediately defecting.

The most pressing question is who is going to take over for Camerota. Feel free to speculate in the comments…


8 Responses to “Alisyn Camerota Out at FNC…”

  1. I have always liked Alisyn. She will be missed. How many different people has Bill Hemmer been partnered with. I Like Bill, too. Maybe Patti Ann Browne will come back. I truly hope it is not Ainsley or Anna. Neither one of them is my cup of tea.

    I hope whatever she does brings her joy.

  2. motownman Says:

    I’m guessing Gretchen will get a second hour. Guess Aly wasn’t happy about Elisabeth Hasselbeck coming in after all.

  3. Years ago, Alisyn described her primary education as a ‘school without walls’, and that’s the phrase that always comes to mine when I think of her. She was more than capable, no doubt, and will be missed. However I doubt there is a shallow bench, and her send-off is clearly a departure on mutual reasoning.

  4. motownman Says:

    I could still see Aly head to CNN. This isn’t like the Kiran Chetry/Gretchen Carlson case. Aly was a good soldier and went to the 1 p.m. show after she was passed over for Elisabeth. She handled it better than Kiran did. Aly on New Day would be intereting.

  5. Can’t blame her for leaving Fox. She’s been snubbed so many times for gigs that went to people with far less personality, wit and professionalism.

  6. bonnieux Says:

    Who cares. Fox News is so down in their poll numbers can’t imagine anyone watching their lies and deceit at all.

  7. bonnieux Says:

    Could it be that Alisyn lies caught up with her. LOL

  8. bonnieux. You are a half-wit. fox viewership in ALL time slots usually exceeds CNN, HLN, MESSNBC combined. read em and weep.

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