Pondering Ronan Farrow Daily…

In a must read that echoes some of what I wrote, The Huffington Post’s Zach Simon is not impressed with Ronan Farrow Daily…

If the first few episodes are any indication of what’s to come, don’t expect to see a show that holds cable news’ proverbial feet to the proverbial fire. In fact, expect just the opposite. The show has included the same tired “expert panel” segments featured on virtually every other MSNBC show in which recycled casts of the network’s personalities and contributors regurgitate the same staid analysis show after show. There are the same glitzy graphics whose sanitized sheen is completely devoid of any personality. There’s the 2016 presidential speculation; the punny chryons; the same misapprehended use of the terms “breaking news” and “developing story.”

The show is, in every way, fashioned from the very cloth Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have spent their careers assiduously shredding.

And for a show whose lead-in word cloud boasts that its host is a “SPOKESPERSON FOR YOUTH,” Ronan Farrow Daily has thus far featured remarkably few youths. It’s becoming clear that the show’s goal is not to actually engage young people, but rather to simply have a young person speak to all the grown-ups in the room. You can bet that I won’t be tweeting clips of Mr. Farrow’s interview with George Takei or David Axelrod anytime soon.

In that respect, Mr. Farrow looks more like the kid at the dinner party who mingles easily with his parents’ friends and has impeccable table manners than a spokesperson for the politically active generation that helped propel President Obama to victory — twice.

I don’t so much blame Ronan Farrow as I do the network executives who put him there. He’s their errand boy. They have no clue how to connect with young viewers and don’t truly care to find out, save for inserting a young, fresh face with a famous last name into the equation.


7 Responses to “Pondering Ronan Farrow Daily…”

  1. I agree RFD is more or less a typical MSNBC dayside show with a few interesting segments thrown in and is pretty disappointing given the pre launch hype. Farrow himself has been surprisingly good as a host and has shown growth with every show.

    Mr. Simon’s ‘review’, if that’s what it’s supposed to be, is mostly a glib smartass commentary on Ronan Farrow as a person by someone who appears to be jealous of the accomplishments of the young host.

    “Must read” only for those whose minds were made up, about Farrow, before the show went on air and/or think most shows on MSNBC are unwatchable. Fish wrap for the rest of us.

  2. As you know Fritz, I complained about the hype before the show launched saying no show could live up to that. Naturally it hasn’t.

    BTW, Farrow better be back with a blazer tomorrow. That rolled up sleeves look just makes him look even younger and out of place on MSNBC.

  3. “BTW, Farrow better be back with a blazer tomorrow. That rolled up sleeves look just makes him look even younger and out of place on MSNBC.”

    I agree the “rolled up sleeves look” and even the ‘open collar and blazer look’ feel staged and are not right for a young male host on a dayside show. Farrow should go to the standard suit and tie because what he lacks most as a host is the ‘appearance’ of a mature serious anchor. Steve Kornacki can pull off the “rolled up sleeves look’ on his weekend show because it has a much more casual ‘kitchen table style’ discussion format. Farrow’s show is mostly interviews with older looking pundits, politicians and experts and he needs to look like them to be taken seriously by the mostly older audience that makes up the cable news dayside viewership on MSNBC.

    I also hope the program drops the online ‘poll’ and the ‘heroes and zeros’ gimmicks soon. They are just well worn dayside time fillers on a show that supposed to be all about not being a typical dayside program. BTW: I feel the same about the ‘soup of the day’ on TDR. It long ago passed it’s best before date.

  4. a internal MSNB debate is now going on whether Ronan should grow a mustache.

  5. Did you C what’s missing?

  6. He wore a blazer today! Looks like he is reading Inside Cable News.

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