Free for All: 03/14/14

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14 Responses to “Free for All: 03/14/14”

  1. Today’s question to TV aviation experts: who’s idea was it to put an off switch on transponders?

  2. Grandpa Dave Says:

    ^^ The FAA, in case the transponder is screwing up the radar returns display. If that’s the case, ATC will ask the pilot to turn off the transponder. (Disclaimer: I’m not an aviation expert; just a private pilot.)

  3. If any good comes from this (the missing airliner) it will be that it will force the airline industry and the FAA to abandon a 50 year old technology and enter the 21st century. There is no technical reason that all the info collected by the black boxes could not be broadcast to satellites or ground receivers and stored in real time.

    It all comes down to cost and I don’t think those costs would be a lot more than the millions spent on locating and recovering the data from those boxes. I expect that locating this missing plane and its black boxes alone will have a price tag close to a billion dollars.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    The just hinted in the promo for ANHQ that today is Alisyn Camerota’s last newscast at FNC.

  5. Huff Post is reporting the Piers Morgan slot will go to one of four people. Jake Tapper, Michael Smerconish, Bill Weir and Don Lemon.

    Smerconish is the closest to Morgan and, his predecessor, King if they want to stay with that format. I hope Tapper gets the job as I’m a fan of his reporting. I don’t know much about Bill Weir; but I assume he would be Tapper light. I stand to be corrected about that though. My least favorite and the probable winner is Don Lemon. I just don’t like his change to opinion host. It reminds me a bit of other straight news types, like Thomas Roberts, who’ve made that change recently.

  6. A pilot they were interviewing said the reason they can turn off the transponder is so when they land they turn it off so as to not add clutter to the airport area. BUT, looks like with the tech available today they could simply add some sensor or code would change the signal to put out the info that Im safely on ground…perhaps change the type of signal so flying planes can ignore it…but its still on.

    They should NEVER be able to completely shut it off .

  7. I use satellite with my internet access via HughesNet, I broadcast and receive all day from a small dish in my backyard. It costs me $80 a month. Seems like planes should make use of similar technology.

  8. Rachel Maddow was off tonight and in her place was – wait for it – Ari Melber. Melber seems to be the only sub-host MSNBC is using at the moment and, I presume, we can see him again tomorrow morning subbing for MHP.

  9. need an iOS “find my plane” app

  10. “Wearing a Democrat-friendly blue tie, the ‘Morning Joe’ host told the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference that he would leave the door open for a return to politics, especially because ‘we don’t need to elect another Clinton for eight years.’
    Scarborough entered a Nashua, N.H. hotel to cheers. But after he moderated a panel discussion with four 2012 campaign operatives, GOP activists seemed not to take him seriously.”

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  11. Had not he passed, Hervé Villechaize would have made a fine sidekick for Don Lemon.

  12. The love fest segment with bill maher on MTP was absurd. Would they ever treat someone on the right who spews that kind of hate and bigotry like that? Uh, no.

  13. The networks are getting so weary with this wall to wall coverage of the missing plane, that last night Don Lemon from CNN actually asked his meterologist, “Do you think the pilot comitted suicide?” Unbelieveable…

  14. Next week Putin will take Obama’s lunch money.

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