Press Releases: 03/17/14

Al Jazeera America (1)

Al Jazeera America’s FAULT LINES Presents: “On the Front Lines with the Taliban” and “This is Taliban Country”

Special Two-Part Series Airing This Friday, 3/21 and 3/28 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

As the U.S. prepares to pull out of Afghanistan after 13 years, Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines traveled there, gaining extraordinary access to a group of self-proclaimed Taliban fighters – and exposing what the war in Afghanistan looks like from the other side.

In this special two-part series airing this Friday, March 21st and Friday March 28th at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm, “On the Front Lines with the Taliban,” and “This is Taliban Country,” correspondent Nagieb Khaja embedded himself with a Taliban unit to gain exclusive and eye-opening access into life is under like under Taliban rule in Afghanistan’s Logar Province.

With the U.S. in negotiations with Afghan President Karzai over troop presences in the country, all foreign soldiers could exit the country by the end of this year. Karzai has been secretly negotiating with the Taliban to avoid a full-blown civil war; since 2005, the Taliban has clawed back territory and now dominate large parts of the country.

Just one hour outside of Kabul, armed Taliban fighters walk openly in the streets and Afghan government and Western forces are entirely absent.

Correspondent Nagieb Khaja uncovers the parallel government the Taliban has built here, including Sharia courts and schools, and follows the fighters as they prepare to take on the Afghan National Army.

With unprecedented access to the insurgency, we see Taliban fighters attempting to overtake an Afghan National Army base outside Kabul. As the fighters launch their attack, they provide a glimpse of what the future of Afghanistan could look like.


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  1. Trees falling… ssshhhh.

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