Free for All: 03/18/14

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17 Responses to “Free for All: 03/18/14”

  1. So… the US is not even SURE that any of the people Obama put sanctions on have assets in our banks?

    WTF is this WH doing? One Soviet guy said a “prankster” put together this list. I say lets cut to the chase and call this employee of Obama’s an idiot! And having the smartest man in the world actually go out and have a press statement about this “action” an idiot, too! No other name for it.

    (Please note the report came from ABC NEWS – not FOX for all you FOX haters out there!)

  2. savefarris Says:


    If Russia really wants to get under Obama’s skin, they could refuse to recognize his NCAA bracket.

  3. or make fun of his pants

  4. How long can CNN continue to cover essentially nothing but the missing Malaysia Airlines flight and get these kinds of ratings?

  5. Apparently as long as a little something new trickles out.

  6. I’m picturing an old, gray Don Lemon reporting, “A bottle washed up on a Miami beach today that might have contained a note at one time. We will have our panel discuss that exclusive news after the break.”

  7. savefarris Says:

    1of2: An update on our good friend Ezra Klein. On January 14th, he officially proclaimed the ObamaCare death spiral was a non-entity:

  8. motownman Says:

    Sandra Smith is getting a tryout for the ANHQ job. It wouldn’t be the first time Fox has raided FBN. Just ask Jenna Lee. BTW, congratulations to larrykelly, who had his comment read by Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz.

  9. Thanks, Motown.

  10. If someone had told me a decade ago O’Reily and National Geographic were a team, I would have thought they were joking about Bill selling subscriptions.

  11. savefarris Says:

    Turns out you can use the graph of any leading index to pinpoint the exact moment Janet Yellen announces an easing of QE-∞.

  12. “Uygur told Martin that he lost his MSNBC show because the White House was not “happy” with his criticism of Obama from the left.”
    Could anyone hate MSNBC more than Cenk?



    I thought you mentioned something like this a few years back and I had been wandering about it every since.

  14. That funny Washington Post. Publishing such a biased story! But the story tried to make the Koch Brothers the bad guy so it must be true!

  15. savefarris Says:

    And what qualifications specifically identify him as an “insider”?

    Wait … don’t answer that…

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