Correcting the Record or Tin Foil Hat Time?

Remember that on air condemnation of RT TV by now ex anchor Liz Wahl? Well Truthdig’s Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek write things may not have been quite what they seem…

Six current employees of RT were interviewed for this investigation. All are Americans who made no secret of their qualms with the network’s coverage of Russia-related issues. Some said they bristled at an increasingly suffocating atmosphere rife with heavy-handed editorial imposition, while others in different positions at the network said they still enjoyed a modicum of independence. All insisted on speaking anonymously for fear of repercussions. Four of the sources were personally acquainted with Wahl and worked or interacted with her on a regular basis.

Each of those who knew her described her as apolitical.

“She’s never had a political bone in her body,” said one RT employee.

“Liz has always been apolitical and without any clear principles,” said another. “She didn’t talk about any politics outside of work.”

An RT employee who worked closely with Wahl added that Wahl rarely voiced objections about the network’s news coverage. “We do have editorial meetings in the morning to bring up questions comments or concerns, an opportunity Liz rarely took,” said the employee.

Before joining RT, Wahl interned for the right-wing Sean Hannity on Fox News.
Last spring, according to four former co-workers, Wahl was suspended for two weeks without pay and then demoted from anchor to correspondent after a series of outbursts in the office. She had become disgruntled about her salary, the sources said, then began complaining that she was receiving insufficient assistance from producers in writing her monologues.

“Liz wasn’t disgruntled about anything editorially. It was entirely about payment,” one ex-colleague remarked. “She learned that another correspondent who has since left had made more money than her. But that’s because this correspondent had had six more years more experience than her.”

Wahl expressed her outrage at co-workers, often berating them, according to her former colleagues, and by “screaming” at management. She was ultimately suspended without pay for her unprofessional behavior, they told us, and demoted from anchor to correspondent until her duties were restored this past January. A review of RT America’s YouTube page shows that Wahl did not appear at the anchor desk during the latter half of 2013.

After Kirchick’s on-air performance on Aug. 21, RT employees said Wahl gushed about his actions—one of the few times they could remember her expressing a political opinion. As Kirchick revealed in his Daily Beast exclusive, it was around this time that he and Wahl became friends.

Blumenthal and Khalek go on to detail how Wahl’s resignation may have been less about journalistica principles and more about a neoconservatism and rekindling the Cold War…


6 Responses to “Correcting the Record or Tin Foil Hat Time?”

  1. So, the article written was really more about this Kirchick guy versus Wahl. And, in trying to read your last sentence I am trying to decipher “…and more about a neoconservatism and rekindling the Cold War…”

    She’s a nobody who had her 15 minutes of fame and will soon fade into the woodwork as will this Kirchick fella.

  2. Interesting article and blog.

    I remember Kirchick being interviewed on MSNBC about his RT anti-g*y appearance. Chris or Rachel’s program I think. They gushed as I recall.

    I’ve no doubt the neocons would love to go to war with Russia. Kinda the holy grail of evil empires to attack.

  3. Yeah, I’d love to spend the next two years in my fallout shelter until I run out of MREs and starve to death.

  4. Please. The neocons would love to go to was with Russia? What a ridiculous statement to make. Some guy who most no one has heard of and you subscribe the comments and philsophy to a whole group of people. And then, can I guess that if the neocons want it, the whole Republican Party wants it and before you know it, the Speaker of the House is going to bring a bill to the floor to tell everyone there will be a vote on it, oh I don’t know, by next Friday?

  5. “Please. The neocons would love to go to was with Russia? What a ridiculous statement to make.”


  6. Whatever that meant?

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