Greg D’Alba Out At CNN?

Page Six’s Richard Johnson reports that Greg D’Alba is going to leave the network…

Look out for a big defection at Turner Broadcasting/CNN: Greg D’Alba, head of CNN ad sales, is leaving the company after 28 years.

“He can’t take it anymore,” a source close to D’Alba told me. “He can’t stand all the infighting and the politics.”

After Jeff Zucker became president of CNN Worldwide last year, Turner chairman/CEO Phil Kent was replaced by John Martin. One of Kent’s last acts was to promote David Levy to president of Turner Broadcasting System.

And it seems some of the execs don’t like each other.

“Greg is an incredibly well-respected guy and has had great success over the years, but it’s been very hard since Zucker came,” said my source.


2 Responses to “Greg D’Alba Out At CNN?”

  1. Can’t make an omelet if you don’t break some eggs. Hey everybody, COME and GET IT! Blue-plate special: PLANE.


    CNN names new ad chief
    Mar 25, 2014 02:27 PM EST
    Madison Avenue veteran Donna Speciale has been appointed head of advertising sales for all of Turner’s television and digital properites, including CNN and, the company announced Tuesday.


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