Free for All: 03/25/14

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  1. Hero of all cable: Bill O’Reily. Trashed his own network over plane over coverage.

  2. Jon Stewart returned from a week-long break Monday night to pillory CNN for its insane, over-the-top MH370 coverage, saying they had about a minute of good coverage before going, “Oh sh*t, we’ve got 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill. F*ck it, let’s go nuts!”

  3. Here are some stories not being fully covered by CNN so they can give endless coverage to a missing airliner when there is no new news on the story.

    1) The Ukrainian crisis. The most serious conflict with Russia since the fall of the USSR. Could lead to a military conflict in Europe.

    2) The Hobby Lobby court case. It has huge ramifications to the US relationship between business and its employees.

    3) The Washington state mud slide. 14+ dead and over a hundred missing.

    4) The Galveston Bay oil spill. Large oil spill closes Houston ship channel, closes oil huge refineries and threatens important wildlife preserves.

    5) Obama proposes changes to collection of NSA meta data. Will Congress pass laws to enable changes?

    6) The House holds Ukrainian aid and Russia sanctions hostage to make sure IRS doesn’t enforce 501c laws as written and thus stop dark money flowing from Koch brothers and Karl Rove.

    And those are just some of the stories that are more important to cable news viewers than Flight 370.

  4. Kudos to the House for curbing the fascist IRS abuse of freedom of speech. We have our own Ukraine here with Obama and crew annexing the Constitution.

  5. If the Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby we’ll have (unless they give some off the wall ruling) the same standards and regulations that we’ve had before the imposition of this mandate by the Obama Administration. We’re talking about a small number of businesses.

    In other words, the same America will exist that we’ve had for 200 years. The vast majority of businesses will continue to include contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans as they do now.

    The scare tactics of the left is only fooling low information voters and ignorant Americans.

  6. LOL, “Let’s make ’em squeal”

  7. Grandpa Dave Says:

    The Joni Ernst ad could have been produce by the same agency that did the Christine O’Donnel “I’m not a witch” ad in the 2010 DE Senator race.

  8. Just two words:



  9. On my honor I said I tried to enroll in Obamacare but I just did not get it done. So. I guess I can not pay the fine, right Mr. President?

    So….the individual mandate really is delayed? Correct, Secretary Sebilius? No matter WHAT you said on March 18th?

    Got it.

    Will you let Me know when ANOTHER change will be coming, please?

    Next week, you say? What will the change be? You don’t know the specifics yet? Just that you will change or delay something?

    Got it! Thanks so much for all your help!

  10. savefarris Says:

    Name That Party!

    Hint: you’ll have to wait until paragraph 14 to find out.

  11. savefarris Says:

    HOT: If this isn’t the lead story on every newscast for the next week, you’re doing it wrong:–ncaaf.html

    The Beginning of the End…

  12. Will get stopped in its tracks. Any political party perceived as being behind a force ending college football will be extinct before you can say, “personal foul”

  13. savefarris Says:

    Completely disagree. Obama’s got some pretty serious sway as far as who serves on his hometown NLRB board and this guy wouldn’t have made the ruling if Obama weren’t similarly simpatico. Once it’s affirmed at the federal level, there’s no turning back.

    Sure, the players/employees are saying all the right things now about how it’s only about medical bills and work schedules and not about pay. But you know it’s coming. And once it does (when combined with Title IX), college sports as we know it are done.

    …And Obama won’t care a whit nor get blamed because he’ll be out of office by then and it’ll be President Jindal/Walker’s fault.

    Oh sure, you COULD reform Title IX to prevent the oncoming apocalypse. But, as you say, who wants to be the political movement that “sets the women’s movement back 30 years”?

  14. “college sports as we know it are done”

    ^^You could be overstating the situation a bit farris but change is on the way.

    The one thing most people don’t recognize is that this ruling only applies to ‘private’ schools. Public (read state) schools, particularly in ‘right to work states like Alabama, are not covered by the ruling and can continue on as before. As you say it’s a mess.

    Nice touch tying it to Obama. Perhaps you can link it to the ACA, the IRS and Benghazi as well. And of course Issa will be having hearings as to why it’s all the Democrats fault. 🙂

  15. if you think a unionized football team at Northwestern doesn’t set the precedent for one at a University of Illinois your probably a liberal.


    A President who can’t get his own Secret Service under control should probably be tossed out of the office.

    From my forthcoming pamphlet, 101 REASONS OBAMA SHOULD BE TOSSED OUT OF OFFICE.

  17. savefarris Says:

    The one thing most people don’t recognize is that this ruling only applies to ‘private’ schools.

    In theory, yes. But once this thing gets out of the barn and unionized teams start bargaining for wages/benefits, the public schools will have to start matching offers on the best players if they want to keep up. And once they start paying some … well … they have to start paying all. And when Title IX says all, they mean ALL!

    Nice touch tying it to Obama.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if some breakthrough ruling was handed down on that affected either the Texas Rangers and/or the UT Longhorns, the MSM wouldn’t be awash in speculation that GWB had a hand in the decision?

    And I’m not specifically saying that Obama had a hand in the decision. Just that whoever was on the Chicago NLRB that did make the decision would be someone that matched Obama’s thinking on Labor Issues.

  18. Obama does tend to appoint some radical characters where he can get away with it.

  19. Once again, explain to me how Wendy Davis’s filibuster achieved anything but getting her publicity?

  20. Piers Morgan is gone. Good ridance to Brit rubbish.

  21. savefarris Says:

    HOT: Good think Barack Obama took time out of that whole Ukraine thing to go 1-for-Final4.


  22. Thanks goodness the Final Four games are in the evening. Al least he can’t say he needed to miss National Security Briefing.

    Thanks goodness for CBS scheduling!

  23. savefarris Says:

    To be fair, the Semifinal games are on Saturday. So the only thing it’d disturb is our dear President’s tee-time.

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