Maria Bartiromo Interview

The AP’s David Bauder interviews Maria Bartiromo…

Bartiromo said she had considered another deal at CNBC when her contract came due but decided to look around, too. She concluded her job at CNBC wouldn’t change much, and she was looking to do some things differently. She was ready for a move.

“They have gotten so chatty, with so much personality, that they left some of the content on the cutting room floor — business information,” she said.

Bartiromo said she believes CNBC’s fast pace is no longer in tune with the times.

“I just felt this pressure to do five-minute interviews and this pressure to have five people on at once and I just got tired of it,” she said. “I felt like I needed something with a little more substance and perspective and felt it was going to be hard to do that where I was because the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going.”

Uh..yeah…ok…but what’d you expect her to say? “Best job I ever had…made my career. So I jumped ship for a big payout”? Uh…nooooo.

Speaking of “the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going”…I’ll be watching to see what kind of show we get on Sunday…the “a little more substance and perspective” business show Bartiromo talks about…or…the totally useless from a business standpoint Saturday Business block because it’s filled with the ideological mumbo jumbo which permeates most FNC programming. I’m hopeful for the former but I fear for the latter…

6 Responses to “Maria Bartiromo Interview”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    Hopefully it’s better than the business block on Saturdays. Cashin’ In is a 30min version of Hannity.

  2. When Ice is right, he’s right.

  3. “ideological mumbo jumbo which permeates most FNC programming.” Gives some clarity of vantage point.

  4. The comment section conveys such deep and penetrating analysis. Whoa!

  5. Thanks for your contribution.

  6. If you ever watched Bartiromo’s other show (than the one on CNBC) you saw what she”liked” to do in the way of interviewing. I liked watching that show if I happened to catch it flipping through the channels. Not a scheduled view by far. Hopefully the new show is more along the lines of that, which from the interviews I have seen seems that what she wants. Now the question is, is that what FOX wants?

    Time will tell.

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