Case Not Proven…Court’s Adjourned…

Business Insider’s Henry Blodget pens a mind blowingly silly article in support of Jeff Zucker’s hiring…

Given that the Malaysia plane disappeared three weeks ago, it always startles me to see that CNN is still covering nothing but the plane story, especially with so little new information to report.

But this, I am coming to understand, is why Jeff Zucker, CNN’s new boss, is so renowned for his programming acumen — and why he was such a great hire for the network.

CNN’s ratings have gone to the moon since Zucker decreed that the network cover nothing but “The Mystery Of Flight 370.”

CNN has apparently surmised — almost certainly correctly — that the plane story is much more interesting, mysterious, and terrifying to viewers than just about any other dime-a-dozen story CNN could be covering.


The media snobs on Twitter hate CNN’s plane coverage. They hate it as much as they hated “The DaVinci Code,” “The Firm,” “Iron Man,” and other massively popular commercial successes that normal people love. They love to tweet about how appalled they are, and how embarrassing CNN’s plane obsession is.

But their snootiness only goes to show, again, that Mr. Zucker is exactly what CNN needed:

A boss who knows what normal CNN viewers want — and the boldness to withstand the critics and give it to them.

Hate to break it to ‘ya Henry but CNN would be going wall to wall on this story whether Jeff Zucker was hired or not. It’s what they do. Now, the way CNN is covering this story definitely has the fingerprints of Zucker on it but to argue Zucker was such a great hire simply because the network has gone overboard in covering this story is just plain dumb.


2 Responses to “Case Not Proven…Court’s Adjourned…”

  1. Oh, I think after days of false chatter on bad information and satellite pictures from every country that had one of each sure bet of floating junk to the next and suppositions from black holes to the supernatural, maybe somebody else might have shut the carnival down by now.

  2. Regardless… Everyone who works at CNN, has a CNN app on a smartphone, or has ever changed flights in Atlanta is to blame:!/entry/stewart-shreds-cnn-have-they-tried-looking-for-mh370-up,533b829eb7d8d24162d46e87

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