Free for All: 04/01/14

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  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I’m amazed at the number of tweeters/bloggers that have been sucked in by April 1st “news” stories.

  2. Senate Republicans block resolution honoring César Chavez. GOP shows how they plan to get more Hispanic votes in 2014 and 2016. way to go guys. 🙂

  3. savefarris Says:

    Just to recap:

    Everyone in the Media, January 2014: There might have been an ambulance on the GW Bridge on the day someone on Christie’s staff without Christie’s knowledge shut a couple of lanes down on the bridge.

    Ergo, Christie is personally on the hook for attempted murder.

    Everyone in the Media, April 2014: We had no idea Obama buried the NTSA findings that faulted GM for accidents leading to deaths. And we certainly won’t tell you that even though Obama knew about these problems, he went ahead and spent taxpayers funds without authorization in order to “save” GM. Oh, and he also shut down Toyota while all this was going on.

    Ergo, isn’t that Paul Ryan dude really racist or something?

  4. ^^Sounds like you got it all down farris. 🙂

  5. I’m just bidin’ my ti-em, ’cause that’s the kinda guy I-m.

  6. joeremi Says:

    Road & Track

    That’s a catchy headline, but I suspect it wasn’t written by the author. Maybe you and the headline writer should’ve actually read the article:

    But is the revolving door between the NHTSA and industry lobbying firms enough to fully explain any of the major auto safety scandals of the modern era? Though it’s clearly one of the more promising areas for tighter regulation, it’s only part of a broader problem that lawmakers sought to address with legislation introduced in the wake of the Toyota dust-up. Called the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, that legislation died within a year of introduction under industry complaints that the bill’s uncapped fines exceeded those for financial-sector crimes; its black-box mandate caused privacy concerns; its new-vehicle-sale fee would hurt consumers; and that a number of its mandates, including brake-override software, were voluntarily adopted after the Toyota situation.

    With the GM scandal providing a far more credible basis for a renewed push for regulation than the largely misunderstood Toyota problems, a number of lawmakers are reviving the push for tighter MVSA-style regulations. But although the GM situation may better illustrate the need for auto safety regulation, it’s still unclear whether any proposed regulation could have prevented what appears to have been a shocking abdication of responsibility at GM.

    After all, it appears that GM hid attempts to fix the ignition defect at the heart of its current scandal from its own executives by failing to give a modified switch a new parts number. If GM’s own leadership wasn’t able to manage the line between saved engineering costs and dead customers, how could the government? The most obvious regulatory solution to the current GM ignition scandal would be for the NHTSA to embed with every automaker, at every point in the design, manufacturing and defect-reporting processes. Clearly, that’s not a practical solution.

  7. savefarris Says:

    If GM’s own leadership wasn’t able to manage the line between saved engineering costs and dead customers, how could the government?

    GM’s leadership WAS the government, remember?

  8. joeremi Says:

    That’s a Rush Limbaugh version of how an auto company is run which has no basis in reality. But you go on with your support of increased regulation of business. We finally agree on something.

  9. Government regulation is hard to keep in balance.
    Too much is really bad.
    Too little is really bad.

    Come to think of it, that’s true with most government functions.

  10. joeremi Says:

    I’m all for a legitimate criticism of this ridiculous mess. My previous car – Chevy HHR – is a wagon version of the Cobalt. It was produced after the design was changed so there was no danger with that particular vehicle, but it’s a good thing I sold it last year ’cause it’s virtually worthless now. What I don’t support is some mindless notion that it’s all the Obama Administrations fault because they dumped some money in in 2008 to keep the company afloat. That’s simplistic crowd-pleasing hooey which has no basis in fact, including that much of this went down years before the bailout.

    My question is: Who were the idiots who came to Washington with their hands out while knowing they were about to stick the new guys with a criminal act? Those people need to be in jail.

  11. The government regulators that had the statistics, but let it slide have some hefty responsibility too.

  12. paminwi Says:

    I heard yesterday was that NEW shareholders don’t want to have to have ANY responsibility for the payment of any $ to families who had someone die because that was the “OLD GM”. If the people at GM lied about knowing about this issue I say screw the “NEW GM” folks because they were so willing to screw the “OLD GM” shareholders, bond holders, subsidiary companies, by just disregarding the law because Obama wanted this done. Everyone but the union members got screwed based on the Obama government rushing through the whole mess.

    Now, this Fineberg guy is brought on to show that the NEW GM wants to be able to treat the families fairly but NEW GM shareholders are threatening to sue because they want no monies from the new GM used to pay these families anything.

    Regardless, I guess the unions are happy so no harm, no foul.

  13. Took an earthquake to shake AC360 out of plane coverage mode.

  14. savefarris Says:

    Question that deserves to be asked: Did the White House compel the Regulators to sit on the info so that Biden could trot out his “Bin Ladin is dead and GM is alive” line?

    I’m thinking a multi-million car recall and multi-billion dollar wrongful death suits might have turned Biden’s “alive” prognosis into an open question instead of a declarative proclamation. Hence the need to bury this inconvenient data.

  15. Yes, the Repubs should have let Chavez be honored…He was against massive illegal alien immigration and wanted massive deportations of illegal labor that harmed wages of farm workers. He knew the issue well.

  16. Question that deserves to be asked: Did the White House compel the Regulators to sit on the info so that Biden could trot out his “Bin Ladin is dead and GM is alive” line?

    Dude, you’re just making stuff up ’cause you don’t like the president. You sound silly.

  17. paminwi Says:

    Good read from Sheryl Attkisson on Mike Morrell testimony yesterday. IMO Morell is a lying piece of shit who was in the tank for the Obama administration. Who believes analysts in Langley versus your own people n the ground?

    People who want to cover Obama’s ass politically, that’s who!

  18. paminwi Says:

    Oops here is the link. The link goes to her twitter feed during the hearing and then there is a link to her full article.

  19. savefarris Says:

    In today’s edition of “Man am I getting old…”,

    Letterman to retire next year.

  20. savefarris Says:

    You sound silly.

    … as silly as when we said “If you like your doctor…” was a lie?
    … as silly as when we said “Obama is tracking our cell phones”?
    … as silly as when we said “Obama is spying on news reporters”?
    … as silly as when we said “Russia is our #1 geopolitical foe”?
    … as silly as when we said “The stimulus isn’t going to keep unemployment under 8%”?
    … as silly as when we said “You know that YouTube video excuse is just a bunch of bunk, right?”?
    … as silly was when we said “Hey, maybe GM should be made to pay the piper and not be shielded from the market and it’s effects”? In other words, “Let them go bankrupt”?

  21. joeremi Says:

    ^ I’d almost forgotten why commenting here was such a waste of time. I return you now to your regularly scheduled barking at the moon.

  22. paminwi Says:

    My, my , my. The truth hurts. Right, joe?

  23. joeremi Says:

    Sure, Pam. Whatever makes you happy.

  24. yep, people still go after each other.

  25. Letterman had the star of Game of Thrones on the other day, and you could tell he didn’t have a clue about the show as he messed up its title. I though then maybe he was getting too old and out of touch. Last few years he’s let his politics get nasty and created a workplace dilemma for women on his staff. I don’t expect to miss him.

  26. savefarris Says:

    If Stewart thinks that money isn’t speech, then he needs to lead by example and demand that Viacom stop all advertising expenses related to his show.

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