CNN’s News Judgement Goes Down a Black Hole…

Ok, CNN you had your moment with the MH370 coverage. Time to dial it back. Time to stop the breaking news or Happening Now banner abuse that has for the moment surpassed the level of abuse that constitutes the Fox News Alert.

I defended you in the beginning because your coverage was stellar. Now I return to bury you because you forgot when to say when and when for this story occurred a week ago. Yet you are still doing special reports even though there’s really been nothing to report outside of a familiar theme; search coverage pattern moved, different resources thrown at search coverage, wash, rinse, repeat.

CNN’s coverage is now actually hurting its brand because it is turning itself into a laughing stock in the media. Black Holes and supernatural phenomena were just the tip of the iceberg. Martin Savidge is now permanently glued to his seat in the simulator. Hopefully he will be rescued by Canadian Mounties soon.

Pundit after pundit are appearing on CNN’s air to reveal…uh…nothing really since there’s been little to report on.

And now CNN’s website is getting into the act. A story on pictures of MH370 taken by plane spotters months ago? CNN, you aren’t just scraping the bottom of the barrel on this story…you’ve broken clean through the barrel and are well on your way to digging a hole to China.

Ok, sure…there are still real story angles to pursue and report on MH370. But nobody is filtering out the good from the bad…it’s covering everything no matter how silly. Apparently CNN’s news judgement has gone down Don Lemon’s black hole…


10 Responses to “CNN’s News Judgement Goes Down a Black Hole…”

  1. scrapmetal233 Says:

    Well pull me out of my personal black hole; I have found this to be quite riveting and I have had it on from morning till night every day. Weird huh?

  2. I supported it longer than most too: There’s lots of other news elsewhere, so who cares if one of them focuses on this story? But there is literally nothing to report anymore. The plane is at the bottom of a very big ocean, and they can’t find it. The 24/7 coverage is becoming pathological.

  3. From CNN’s POV this is solely a ratings driven story and until their ratings start to slide (and there are some recent signs that this may be happening) there is no incentive for CNN to lessen their coverage of the story. It may be embarrassing to their reporters and hosts to have to fake interest in the story but that’s what they are paid to do.

  4. All hail the great Spud!

  5. Somewhere somebody is thinking of starting a PLANE CHANNEL.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    The regularly scheduled recorded programs have returned to the weekend schedule.

  7. If I think too is at the bottom of the sea

  8. bushleaguer Says:

    CNN is on live right now covering an impending Australian press conference regarding the search for the plane that will take place at midnight. Don Lemon and his panel are speculating about what will be said at the press conference.

  9. “Somewhere somebody is thinking of starting a PLANE CHANNEL.”

    It would start as a plane channel but then it will broaden the definition of “plane” add reality shows about other things and dropped the word channel to flow better.

  10. CNN will eventually be made to give up the plane and tell folks where they have hidden it.

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