Free for All: 04/09/14

What’s on your mind?


6 Responses to “Free for All: 04/09/14”

  1. The mob stole the pie.

  2. paminwi Says:

    Think this may have been one reason why Elijah Cummings wanted the IRS hearings shut down? What a piece of shit he is.

    Good thing this woman from True the Vote is one strong lady!

  3. paminwi Says:

    Ayanna Hirsin Ali statement on being disinvited to speak at Brandeis University. I call this the Democrats War on Women. No hypocrisy here, right?

    I mean how dare she talk about the degradation of genital mutilation, abuse of women in the Muslim home, honor killings!

    We can’t have those little liberal darlings hear anything unpleasant can we?

  4. kids just wanna have fuh-un.

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