Q: When Is A Fundraiser Not A Fundraiser?

A: When the fundraiser’s organizers decide to change it from being a fundraiser to a non-fundraiser of course. Politico’s Dylan Byers has more

UPDATE (10:55 p.m.): Within an hour of this post, New Hampshire’s Cheshire County Republican Committee issued a press release noting that the event in question would no longer be a fundraiser, and that they would lower the price of tickets to $25, which would merely cover costs — thereby allowing MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to speak at the event without forcing MSNBC to change its policy. The post has been updated to reflect that change.

MSNBC will allow host Joe Scarborough to deliver the keynote address at what was originally slated to be a political fundraiser next month, even though it denied that privilege to host Ed Schultz earlier this year.

“Joe isn’t participating in a fundraiser. MSNBC hosts often participate in events where there is a nominal fee for registration or tickets that basically cover the cost of the event. There has been no change in policy,” Lauren Skowronski, the network’s vice president of media relations, wrote in an email late Wednesday night, bringing an end to nearly 36 hours in which the network did not respond to requests for comment.

Uh-huh. Looks like someone caved to me…


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  1. Spud adds another scalp.

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