Dylan Ratigan to CNN?

TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton writes that Dylan Ratigan shot a pilot for CNN yesterday…

Former CNBC and MSNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan was at CNN yesterday shooting a panel-style show pilot, TVNewser has learned.

Last month, THR reported that Ratigan was among several hosts working on projects for CNN. Network insiders tell us Ratigan’s latest test episode, which is one of many the network is experimenting with, was shot last night at CNN in New York.

It’s just a pilot and a lot of CNN’s pilot’s never make it past that stage. But CNN (read: Jeff Zucker) clearly likes Ratigan so even if this pilot winds up going nowhere that doesn’t mean Ratigan’s chances of winding up on CNN’s air are over…


3 Responses to “Dylan Ratigan to CNN?”

  1. I guess the organic farming career didn’t pan out.

    I didn’t like him on CNBC and even less at MSNBC so I don’t really care how he does at CNN.

  2. Took the words right out of my mouth, Fritz.

  3. Just what they need to Blue up their reputation…hire big Occupy facilitator, supporter. Make push for that ever elusive msnbc crowd….heh

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