Maria Bartiromo Interview…

MultiChannel News’ Mike Reynolds interviews Maria Bartiromo…

MCN: Is part of the appeal here to help boost Fox Business Network? MB: Fox News Channel is the leading cable network, so I’ve got that support behind me for the Sunday show and that’s phenomenal. Fox Business Network is a little more of a build-out situation and I know that and it’s not going to happen overnight. This team has done a great job in six years. I’m here because I want to help them build this network, because I think people do want an alternative. For Fox Business Network, I feel like I have already had incredible success because I have had guests on the air that have never walked through the building. I mean I am having the highest of the high in corporate America on the show every day. So I think as long as we do a good show, the numbers come later.

Wow…Bartiromo may not realize it but that “I have had guests on the air that have never walked through the building” quote implies that FBN couldn’t compete properly without her. Hey, she’s great and the statement may be true…but it probably would be better to not say it publicly because of the negative connotations such a statement generates…

MCN: What about working with Roger again? MB: One of the reasons I came here frankly was because I did want to reunite with Roger Ailes. I like him a lot. He is very smart, very savvy about branding, about television. And he put me on the air twenty years ago. I mean he saw something in me, he believed in me, and I have always had the highest regard for him. I think another reason was because I’ve seen Bill (Shine) and Michael Clemente and Brian Jones in action. Kevin Magee used to work with me as well at CNBC, and he’s running Fox Business Network. I like him a lot. When I looked at the overall management team, I thought these guys know what they’re doing.

One Response to “Maria Bartiromo Interview…”

  1. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    As you say, it’s technically true as the likes of Liz Claman or Melissa Francis (other CNBC rejects) haven’t been able to bring in the big names like Maria. In fact, Liz even lost her access to Warren Buffet as she hasn’t interviewed him live on air in years…

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