Free for All: 04/30/14

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8 Responses to “Free for All: 04/30/14”

  1. Minimum wage bill to die today in the Democrat Senate.

  2. Now that Obamacare has met it’s goals and is growing more popular by the day Republicans have been searching for a new bogyman with which to attack the Government. They may have found their new vehicle in the common core educational policy.

    It doesn’t matter that common core is a policy conceived by state Republican governors as an alterative to federal policies like ‘No Child Left Behind’; as soon as Obama took up the policy Republican governors started doing backflips trying to deny they ever supported the policy.

    Like the ACA’s individual mandate which was once Republican party policy (only to be abandoned when Obama agreed to use it) common core will now be vilified as evil despite it being first conceived and proposed by Republicans.

  3. erich500 Says:

    E-mail shows, apparently, that the White House put protecting the foreign policy image of the President above everything else.- Including explaining what happened in Benghazi – when they sent out Ambassador Rice (and others?) to discuss the incident.

    To be sure, it’s just one e-mail and perhaps others said different things. But it sure is interesting.

    I’m sure Maddow will give this as much attention as she has that bridge matter.

    If you believe that I can sell you that bridge. Cheap.

  4. Nothing like ACA talking points to rev up dead ambassador talking points.
    Featured story on CBS THS MORNING, but maybe in protection for CBS NEWS president being the brother of email cover author.

  5. This Benghazi story stinks.

    No, it’s not Watergate level corruption – not even close; but it just reeks of how this White House has put politics above everything. And then arrogantly claim that it’s their critics who are politicking.

    Yes, Bush/Rove and all that. Does that make it okay?

  6. The saddest part is the willing enablers of the 4th estate. It only encourages such deception.

  7. It sure seem that there are elements of the press who think this is just a “wingnut” or Fox News story and, because of that, don’t want to touch it.

    If they cover it they worry that they’ll be linked to the “crazies.”

    Reporters have egos too. They suffer from “group think” like anyone else.

    Sure, conservatives are pushing it. But it’s not all politics.

  8. fritz3 Says:

    Erich; you may be right that, shockingly, the WH massaged the Benghazi info for political reasons. The problem is no one cares anymore. It’s old news and you’ll need more than a single email to get the MSM to take notice.

    Yes FNC and right winged blogs will bloviate but no one, but the Tea Party, is listening to them anymore on this subject. They’ve spent months lying and speculating about Benghazi and now they have no credibility on the story.

    Beside the real story is not that they tried to massage the story but rather the lack of security at diplomatic missions – and that’s a bipartisan scandal.

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