Ronan Farrow Interview…

NY Mag’s Jennifer Vineyard interviews Ronan Farrow…

Farrow said that his show launched at a time when few other cable news programs (except those on MSNBC, obviously) “were hitting a diverse range of substantive topics. It was a time when one story was getting hammered over and over again.” Ronan Farrow Daily, he insisted, did not aim for “low-hanging fruit” but “substantive hard news coverage.”

“It’s a tough business, and there is always that tension between speaking truth to power, and getting stories out there that actually affect people’s lives.” He explained that he actively looks for “under-covered stories,” and lets the audience vote on what they want to know about next. “This week, everyone voted by a landslide for gerrymandering,” he said. “So we’re doing detailed coverage of that. You look at the map of electoral districts … and it makes no sense.” These kinds of stories will continue to rub up against millennial concerns like marijuana legalization and the ban on e-cigarettes. Not that Farrow vapes himself: “Someone once handed me a vaporizer, and I didn’t know what to do with it!” he laughed. “That is how uncool I am.”


2 Responses to “Ronan Farrow Interview…”

  1. fritz3 Says:

    Not really an interview but rather a ‘Red Carpet’ style bit of fluff done at a party where the reporter asks a couple of questions and the guest parries easily.

  2. Still cute as a bug.

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