Gawker vs. FNC: Round 2…

Gawker’s J.K. Trotter responds to FNC’s pushback with another blog post…

Our report, indeed, contained an error. We wrote that when Smith brought his boyfriend to a company picnic, Fox executive Bill Shine had been present and had reacted negatively. In fact, Shine was not at the picnic; he had flipped out after the event, when word got back to him about the boyfriend’s attendance. We had misunderstood our sources’ accounts, and we’re happy to to take our punches for getting it wrong.

Given Fox’s reaction, however, we went back to our sources to confirm, in even greater detail, the timeline of events. And it turns out that Fox’s other complaints, the full list of which was published by Politico’s Dylan Byers, were little more than a smokescreen.

The story stands. And we’ve learned even more about how Fox treats anchors who want to come out.

Trotter goes on to detail what that “more” is.

But it doesn’t matter at this point because nothing short of something conclusive such as photographic evidence or something we can sink our teeth into like an on the record anecdote is going to reverse the negative trajectory Trotter’s story has taken since FNC pushed back and noted the error. That’s all it takes in today’s media. You discredit one part of a story you can effectively negate the entire story for the vast majority of the public to care about this as little more than “they said/they said”.


6 Responses to “Gawker vs. FNC: Round 2…”

  1. Being disgusting doesn’t help.

  2. Well the original draft was absurd and read as if written by a gossiping teen age girl.

  3. fritz3 Says:

    “Well the original draft was absurd and read as if written by a gossiping teen age girl.”

    ^^Or a discussion of Benghazi over at FNC, 🙂

  4. Our a denial of Benghazi duplicity by leftist partisans.

  5. If there is a round 3 I suggest the promoter lose his license.

  6. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Trotter’s (and Gawker’s) literary license should be revoked.

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