FNC vs. Brian Lewis: Round 2?

Gawker’s JK Trotter writes about an age discrimination lawsuit against FNC and how it threatens to revisit Brian Lewis’ separation from the network.

Domal’s attorney, Christopher Chang, told Gawker after a recent court appearance that his firm is seeking copies of Lewis’s detailed settlement papers, which spell out, among other things, what Lewis and Fox can and cannot discuss with others. These papers almost certainly discuss dozens, if not hundreds, of the channel’s most sensitive matters: enough to land, as Lewis did, a multimillion-dollar payday. Fox News is strenuously resisting the firm’s requests for these documents.

Chang’s firm, the attorney added, is also seeking to depose Roger Ailes, whose testimony could draw even more attention to the reasons he fired Lewis, and the secrets Ailes paid to conceal. It is not yet clear whether Fox plans to contest Ailes’s deposition.

Lewis, Domal’s supposed co-conspirator, has not yet indicated whether he intends to take action against Fox, and referred inquiries to his attorney.

However, after the same court appearance last week, Chang revealed that Barry Asen, the attorney representing Fox, acknowledged in a pre-appearance conversation that Lewis had recently opened an arbitration claim against the channel over the new allegations.

“Lewis has already filed a claim against Fox in arbitration, claiming, among other things, that Fox breached the settlement agreement with Lewis,” Chang wrote in an email, “by asserting in the Domal action that Domal aided Lewis in submitting to Fox false/inflated travel expenses, etc. for reimbursement.”

This could potentially prove to be very explosive indeed but I just cannot see FNC letting things get that far. I would think this is all going to get settled on the down low.


4 Responses to “FNC vs. Brian Lewis: Round 2?”

  1. “Dad, why we still looking for faux-gold in the Gawker Mine?”

    “Son, we’re already here, and the light’s so darn good”.

  2. I see…you doubt public court records now, eh? Tried reality much?

  3. imnotblue Says:

    I dunno Spud… A “journalist” with an obvious anti-FOX Axe to grind, who just last week was shown to be sloppy at best, writing another anti-FOX story… And I’m supposed to believe he took the time and effort to do a good job this time?

    That’s a tough sell.

  4. […] said it’ll never get to trial and I was right. Gawker’s JK Trotter writes about a settlement in the Roger Dormal lawsuit […]

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