Julie Banderas Back on FNC Saturdays…

Banderas put out this tweet this morning… (via J$)

PROGRAMMING ALERT: Funny u should ask. How about every Saturday starting tomorrow 1-2p? Also hosting the Fox Report Saturday’s 7-8 ET! RT @weissmanjoe8: @JulieBanderas Hi Julie any shows your hosting or going to be on coming up this week or next week just asking?

Obvious question: Is that it for Jamie Colby? 1-2 was Colby’s slot on Saturdays. Will she still be on Sundays? Will FNC continue to fragment its weekend programming so that no anchor occupies the same shift on Saturday and Sunday (fragmented Saturday/Sunday afternoons, fragmented mornings excluding FnF Weekend, fragmented Fox Report Weekends)? I guess we shall see…


8 Responses to “Julie Banderas Back on FNC Saturdays…”

  1. It is great to see Julie back on Fox news. Fox I hope you don’t let her go anywhere. Do what ever you have to do to keep her full time. Give her a promotion, a raise, and anything else it takes. She is great.

  2. motownman Says:

    Maybe Jamie will end up with the Sunday Fox Report since I’m guessing Harris will eventually give that up to concentrate on Outnumbered.

  3. I hope they give Jamie Colby more time , their weekend schedule looks messy , they need to fix that up add more live news hours again

  4. motownman Says:

    According to Tv Newser, Julie, Shannon Bream and John Roberts will take turns hosting FRW while Julie, Arthel Neville and Elizabeth Prann will rotate on the Saturday ANHQ while Gregg ajar retted taig a leave of absence.


  5. motownman Says:

    Jarrett. Damn autocorrect

  6. what is wrong with Gregg? I have enjoyed his reporting since Court TV.

  7. I think the ladies are great too. Artel, Jaime, Julie and Harris are great. Harris is showing her skills on OUTNUMBERED. The ladies on that show are wonderful.
    I would love to see Kirstan Powers and Martha McCallum cohost a show.

  8. Nice to see Julie back on FNC in a highger profile again. I first watched her doing local news on Hartford TV, then her move to Fox NYC and then on to the Mothership, Fox News. She is a talent. I still rememebr the time she interviewed a spokesperson for that Crazy Kansias Baptist Church, who make a cause for braking up military funerals with their wacky fundamentals craziness. She let the woman make were case, but after blabbering all over the place, Julie blew her out of the watr verbally, a technique I have never seen from a news anchor of her statue. A great news segment.

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