Gone But Not Forgotten…

The Bill Schultz/Red Eye saga just won’t end. Mysteriously dropped from the program, Red Eye viewers have been incredibly annoyed by Schultz’s departure. And though a Twitter conversation with Schultz today was mostly benign there was this…(via J$)

True. But I have nothing but good thoughts about FNC and my time there. Are there some people I’m angry with? Yes ma’am!

And just whom might he be angry with and why….hmmmm?


2 Responses to “Gone But Not Forgotten…”

  1. and this wouldn’t be an issue at the other cable networks because::
    a) nobody cares if anybody might be angry at anybody there
    b) nobody watches them much
    c) viewers elsewhere care only about planes and bridges and evil racists
    d) finding any kind of dirt on Fox is always worth a gawk.

  2. joeremi Says:

    Oh look, somebody’s sad because Spud dared post something about Fox. POOR FOX NEWS! MUST PROTECT FROM THE BAD MAN!

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