The Hazards of Taped TV: #25,218

Uh oh…looks like Caught on Camera is being sued for a case of mistaken identity. The Blaze’s Jason Howerton has more

A man is suing NBC Universal after he says MSNBC misidentified him as a criminal on one of its programs, allegedly causing him public humiliation, crying spells and loss of employment income.

During an episode of “Caught on Camera: Dash Cam Diaries on MSNBC, a man who had reportedly stolen a limousine was arrested by police officers after he was hit with a stun gun in the back of the stolen vehicle.

The man’s name is Todd Keith. He was later convicted of receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and destruction of property. However, MSNBC identified Keith Todd — a construction worker from Michigan — as the perpetrator instead. His name and picture were shown on the national reality TV show.


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  1. try an apology

    seems to work often

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